Evil, Dark Paladin Transmog

Anybody themselves, or anyone able to link me to an example of a Paladin decked out so as to appear as a Death Knight at first glance more or less? Like wicked black, spiked, flaming skull shoulders, big red/black plated, enameled armor and a "face of death with horns" helm, and nasty jagged edged, vicious black blade of death?

Thought it would be an interesting idea to go around looking like a DK or a fallen paladin or whatever. the dk 2nd set of starting gear would be a good example, but hopefully more hellish and dripping with blood and tangible hatred.
Don't have one myself, but there's a few options you could go with (though most of these require raid drops afaik - though the first is heroic Trial of the Champion, so you could try soloing that, but with the way the first encounter works it'd be a PITA).

When you get into MoP you can go dark with the set I'm wearing. It's pretty common, but I'm not seeing a lot of people using the set for their transmog, most are transmogging away from it.
I'm the original dark knight.

Sorry if i'm still in guild tabard, i've been trying to switch it before logging to show the right mog...

Shield and tabard sporting Silvermoon insignia, every piece black with red effects and lines (including tabard and shield, thanks Vexna) Sword red minus the blade edge being steel.

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