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Ever since the last patch in Cata, had problems every now and then where I would have to run to TB to be able to join. Sometimes I'm out in the middle of nowhere with no hearthstone, so instead of joining I just let it go. Can this PLEASE get fixed? I actually like TB, and do not enjoy passing it up due to a flawed system.
I think they are trying to kill off Tol Barad much like they did with Wintergrasp. For some reason, they are terri-bad with creating zone wide battlegrounds and apparently they have no idea how to fix them properly. At least that is the conclusion I came to after they "fixed" Wintergrasp and gave up trying to "fix" Tol Barad. I liked Tol Barad too but it is near impossible now to win with only 5 people on your team.
They are pretty bad about pvp zones. Not sure why they can't just make it a KILL EVERYONEFEST that goes on all the time. Capping bases is a rather idiotic PvP objective. Same for AV/Isle where you avoid PvP to get to the boss the fastest. No one likes it, but Blizzard insists.

I am bugged however for TB. The join battle button is greyed out (and the game is going on now). It's dead on Kil'Jaeden anyway. 5v5. Can't wait till they realize people want to kill people in PvP... not kill tanks, or cap towers, or flags, or mine carts, or whatever else crap they put in.

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