Looks Like a Tauren Pirate to Me Quest

So, I've managed to get the oversized pirate hat and now I'm at where Rikqiz is to get the cow head, however it seems like he's only letting me buy and sell supplies from him and I'm not entirely sure what to do - do I kill the Fleet Master or do I try a Plan B?

Thanks for any help!
Cow head is not a for sale item off a vendor, there is a cow inside the building (I think its the building the oox chicken quest guy is at, not the one where you buy the hat) that you talk to to take its head.
have the hat but I cannot even find rikqiz. I know hes in there somewhere (and the cow is upstairs waiting) but I have scoured that entire place and there seems to be no Rikqiz. Wow Wiki is worthless, they show you a really neat photo of the goblin but not of his shop.
08/14/2015 11:14 AMPosted by Maudey
Wow Wiki is worthless

True, wow.gampedia.com is generally more reliable, but wowhead is the database site that includes player comments about quests.


Rikqiz has nothing to do with this quest though, his location is simply a landmark for finding the cow. If you're looking for him as a vendor and he's not directly below her, someone may have been killing NPCs. Far as I know he doesn't move.

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