PVE Raid Tanking

I'm using askmrrobot to help optimize my gear and I've noticed that hit and expertise aren't valued very highly in its default gear optimizer. Should I still be trying to hit 7.5% for hit and expertise or is stacking as much mastery as possible actually the way to go?
MrRobot sux unless you know the stat weights and put them in manually.

Get to the cap 7.5% by reforging dodge above 10.65% before parry, reforge all parry after that to something more useful, then pick your gems and enchants out. stack mastery and stamina. That is all.
I like using Askmrrobot. Check out the forums there as well Slay.

Navox, thank you so much for that link, it explains everything and now I understand why they valued the stats the way they did. I'm going to make my focus mastery now and not worry about hit and exp caps.

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