I would just like to take a moment...

...to sincerely thank blizzard for removing almost all choice from my quest rewards. Lord knows the last thing I want to do is be presented with the opportunity to get gear for a secondary spec without having to have that spec in retainer and switch back and forth 4 times comparing rewards to gear I have in my bags! Why don't we take this a step farther and just have you spec and play my character for me so I don't have to do *anything*!
You realize there are vendors that sell full sets of quest quality gear for every spec up to ilvl409 in almost every single zone?
@Cyntric But I think you missed the point. A class like a paladin, has 3 very different gear sets. The tank set has str, stam, parry, exp, dodge, mastery and hit. The dps set has str, stam, haste, mastery, crit, exp and hit. The heal set has spirit, int, stam, haste, mastery. Why should he A.) Have to purchase quest rewards for gold from a vendor or B.) switch specs to see loot appropriate for that spec? Why not offer all the plate gear his class can wear?

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