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How do you pick up the adds in Scarlet Halls on the second boss? I've randomed into it twice on different tanks now and had to leave in frustration.

The healer and dps always pile up at the door, then when I try to get close enough to the stairs to get los on the adds (because they glue themselves to the healer at the door) either I get caught by the fire tornado or the healer is spam healing in a panic and my fairy fire/taunt/dg don't have enough threat to peel off the stupid healer, then the healer gets caught in the fire because OMG BAD TANK GET ADDS!

Do they hit light enough I can ignore them despite what the panicking healers say?

Is there someplace else I can tank the boss where I can get los on the adds as they come in?

Is there someplace else I can tell the healer to stand?
Have them jump down to you and aoe. Youre running with some bad groups.
the boss moves to the center before he spins, tanking him at the door is the easiest way.

The main issue with basic threat on them, is that they have armor that absorbs all dmg for about 100k or so, meaning only "high threat" abilities and taunts will hold over healing agro, and the taunts, pretty much only last til their Fixate effect ends. You need to put some damage on them.

That being said, they aren't as deadly as being hit by blades of light, so the healer can take several swings. Herod 2.0's damage isn't big enough to dent most tanks, especially with the 15% buff from pugging, so they should be able to move (I'm actually convinced 95% of pugs don't know you can move in combat)
Play a prot pally and use seal of insight. All add threat pickup problems gone.
I just taunt one and stun the other till the boss does his ww to pick them up.
They don't even hit that hard, if you don't have aggro on them 100% of the time it shouldn't matter. The blades of light though is absolutely lethal at this point (later on it might be healable). Tank the boss near the door, do your best to pick up adds and if party members whine about getting aggro ignore them.

When he goes to the middle and starts spinning, wait and watch his movement pattern and jump down when you're sure you will avoid it. After hes done, take him back up the stairs again and start all over.
So the best place imo to tank the boss is up 1 level (up 2 levels is by the door), when he teleports you just slide up along the wall towards the door and jump down when he gets close. In a guild group we just tank him where he begins his cast to maximize dps uptime.

Picking up adds depends on class. Mainly, the cleave the boss has hits harder than the adds do by far. DPS and healers should stack on the back of the boss whereever you tank him though.

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