<Vigil> recruiting healers!

<Vigil> of US-Illidan is currently recruiting for our 25 man raid team. We raid Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7:00pm-10:30pm CST. We’re seeking exceptional players to fill out our roster. Vigil recently changed to a 25 man heroic raid team, because quite frankly we feel 25’s are better, more challenging, and require cooperation with a focus on teamwork. For us, our team is important. Each member is an integral part of raiding; which means, we require our players to have a high level of attendance for the majority of guild sponsored raids. We understand about real life situations, and aren’t extremely hardcore. However, we also do want to progress in content. We require a positive attitude and teamwork, excellent attendance, the player to be prepared, and know their class. By prepared, we expect the person to come to raid with flasks and buff food just in case there may be an individual need; we also expect our raid team to come to the raid knowing the general boss mechanics and strategies. Wiping to avoidable mechanics is not acceptable.

Furthermore, we expect our players to come raid ready. By this, we mean gear levels acceptable enough to be functional in the current raiding content. Moreover, random AFKs during raid non-break times are inappropriate and disrespectful to the others in the raid. We have a designated break time, that’s the time to go AFK. If any of these areas are lacking, a player may be substituted and/or replaced outright. No player is above getting replaced in the Vigil raid team; this is including guild Officers. Vigil is known as a mature guild environment. Certain behaviors are not acceptable and will NOT be tolerated. These guidelines, rules and policies are posted on the Vigil guild website. A provided a link to the Vigil policies: http://www.vigilguild.com/forums/showthread.php?5-Vigil-Guild-Policy

In the off times, that aren’t Vigil scheduled raid day, we also have alt/social raids that are run on Friday and Saturdays. One of these raids is a heroic 10 man group; the other being a 25 man alt/social raid. So there’s fun all week round! Raiding isn’t all that we do though; we’ve also started rated battlegrounds and structured PvP. Guild members group up and run heroics, battlegrounds, looking for raid, and much more. We’re a pretty tight knit guild and raid team, that just wants to hang out and have fun, and we welcome new members with open arms. If you want to be a part of our family and team please visit www.vigilguild.com, or find Oxhoof, Mandapriest, or Ziky in game for more info, or you may add Mandapriest to real ID: Amanda.Coffin@hotmail.com. We’re currently accepting applications for all classes for the upcoming new expansion.

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