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Guild Recruitment
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Iron and Blood is now openly recruiting DPS/Heals- If you feel that you have a positive attitude that contributes to the flow of raiding, in depth knowledge of both your class and boss mechanics, and are able to provide the dps to back up your claims of being a decent raider, then we want you to join us!

Currently our main needs are:

DPS (mainly, but NOT limited to Hunter, Boomkin,Ele/enhance sham, mage, ret paladin, monk, shadow priest, DK, warrior) recruiting all exceptional dps, so please feel free to apply even if your class is not on here!

TANK- Monk or Blood DK looking for 1

HEALS- Monk/Shaman - High need

6/16 NORMAL – Realm first full clear
1/6 HM - MV 25 Man

Past Progress – While tier was current
8/8H Dragon Soul
6/7 Heroic Firelands
7/13 Heroic BWD/BOT/Tot4W (25 man)13/13Heroic (10 man)

Iron and Blood is a Horde Faction guild created on November 26th, 2009 and since then we have continued to be a top 10 guild on the Blackhand server in terms of 25 man progression. Our Raid Times are Tue-Thur 7-11pm Server (central time) with short breaks around 9 pm Server. Our loot distribution is done fairly through EPGP and with rank based priority (GM+Officer roll together with Raiders). New recruits of the guild go through a 2 week evaluation period where many factors are considered into your promotion OR demotion.If interested in more information on the guild, feel free to visit our website Ironandblood.guildlaunch.com to view current guild videos of our kills from this tier or to apply! Those seeking to apply are asked to have not only an understanding of current content encounters, but also experience in the current tier of raiding.
If you are interested feel free to APP at Ironandblood.guildlaunch.com or come talk to us on our server an officer is almost always on. (dromynus,ticklemonsta, Tit(alt code 131)n and multiple other alts, just ask in guild)
If you can take a holy pally as well I'd be interested in talking with you guys! We're both top parsing players.

I'll check back here or my email is drewalynbrewer@yahoo.com
Feel free to add my real id in game as well. There is a chance that might just work out. Also.......... Bump ^^^^
Did you guys fill your resto druid spot?
I currently have 1 applicant I am evaluating, but I need 2 full time druids. I can further discuss details with you later. If you want more info add me trav_sterling@hotmail.com. Please have logs available if you have any..........Bump for funsies
To da top

Currently looking for a few strong members to fill in the last few gaps in our raid.

- Monk Healer
- Strong Ranged Dps, mages especially
- Any strong healers

Still looking at all exceptional apps for any role :)
As always accepting of any strong DPS of any flavor Elemental/Boomkin/Spriest/Mage/DK/Ret/Warrior/Monk preferred

As well as any exceptional Healers Monk/Shaman preferred

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