If i was going Grind Dungeons Which best spec

If i was going Grind Dungeons Which best spec for Hunters and Hunter pet.

My Hunter is Level 28
For leveling or heroics for gear?
Im hunter is level 28
I would personally go Ferocity pet/BM at that level.
For real low levels, it probably doesn't matter. At 70 for Survival you have Serpent Spread and Improved Serpent Sting, which are very powerful for AoE. And most dungeons are just AoE-fests. For 90 dungeons/heroics definitely SV, its AoE is hard to beat for fast clears.

Best Pet, for the 9000th time on the hunter forums, is to bring the pet (spec'd ferocity, any pet can now be any spec) that brings the most important buff/debuff your group is missing. And if that still doesn't make sense, the best pet is a Sporebat.
o ok thx for input ,So i can use wolf too that means

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