Experienced Warlock LF raiding Guild

Just moved to this server right before MOP release. Looking for a new raiding guild the I can join and have lots of fun with. I am 28 yrs old with a daughter and wife so I consider myself pretty mature and I am looking for the same kind of maturity within the guild. I can start raiding by around 8pm ST monday-thursday except for every other wendsday in which I can start by around 9. I have lots of experience with raiding and doing heroic modes in the past and want to continue defeating heroic modes. I know my class in and out and do very well with boss mechanics. If you have any questions and/or just want to know more please feel free to pst me in game or send a in-game mail. I look forward to hearing from potential guilds.
The second raiding group in my guild is recruiting if you wanted to msg someone in game. First group is 4/6 as of right now. Just look up anyone in bad city.
GDKP could be looking for you.

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