Proof of being wrecked by a Hunter , Helpless

I have proof , Video footage of me being completely helpless a Hunter I was locked down for over 1 minute and I couldnt do anything but just die. IF AFTER SEEING THIS YOU STUILL QUESTION HUNTER NERFS BEING WARRANTED , YOU SIR ARE BLIND !!
Description wasn't believable even before I clicked on the link, nobody lasts a minute.
i liked the part where you went AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH then fell over and stared at her
wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmbulance please! I need a wahhhhhhhhhhbulance to help me!
You got totally pwnd by her, even though she had terrible aim!
You're a paladin............

You have by miles the best defensive cds in the game. Jesus tap dancing christ man, learn to play your class before qqing about others.
some people in the thread did not watch the video lol
your gear in the video looks a little squishy. I bet that was your issue.
That guy had the same face I had last expansion when I had a Rogue on me.
lol just lol
bang bang skeet skeet
This is serious !

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