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If you want to see what all I've done on this character, it's all on my armory page (just click my name)

I'm a Resto shaman, currently having only played 10 man raid content. However, I am looking for a home in a 25 man raiding guild. I don't care too much if it's Alliance or Horde (horde would get me as a panda, staying draenei for alliance)

I am very experienced and knowledgeable with my shaman, and I am a miner/jewelcrafter. I do have the ability to make my own buff foods, and i would be more than willing to level an alt to help with any other professions the guild might need.

If you're interested in me for your raid team, i'd love to set up a chat with you to discuss what would be needed.

For anyone wondering, no I am not apart of THE <Method>, I'm in a guild with the same name on US-Cairne.

Thanks in advance.


My availability for raiding is 7PM-12PM CST (5-10 PST) Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sorry, I should have clarified that in the original post, but it is what it is.
<Proven Legacy>
4/16 T14
Raid Times and Days: Thurs-Sat 9pm-1am Pst
Previous Exp:
13/13 HM t11
7/7 HM t 12
8/8 HM t13

Due to real life we are in need of a new off healer for our core. Since a lot of posts drag on forever i will keep this short.

We are a top raiding guild that runs later and less hours then most and is in top 3 on server with great compitision. We hold a high level of awareness and quick thinking. We are rather chill and not very anal. we are Not casual but we treat people with respect. Basically dont waste our time and we will keep you laughing and killing bosses.

1 SP w/ Holy or Disc os
1 Boomy w/ resto os
1 Ele Shammy w/ Resto os

hit me up for more info.
Bad Guys - Horde - Mal'Ganis - 25m (for MoP)

Website: (It's new, so please bear with us.)

Raid Schedule:

- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 7:30-11:30 PM EST (Invites @ 7:00)


Bad Guys is a mature end-game raiding guild. We have a flat leadership structure, in that the guild is managed by all its members. We are laid back and fun on most occasions, but serious on raid nights. Bad Guys is a guild that raids only 3 days a week, but expects to move through content at the pace of more hardcore schedule guilds.


With our limited raid time, there are some expectations on raid nights. Members are expected to be proactive, both in bringing consumables and reading up on encounters. During raids, members are expected to be polite and considerate, but engaging and involved in raid assessments and discussions. Most importantly since we only raid 3 nights a week, we expect and depend on the raiding core to consistently attend raids. If you can't make one, post ahead of time, and if at all possible notifying us of it so we can plan around it if need be.Requirements:

- Maturity - Yes, we do prefer applicants over 18. But, maturity isn't a number so we would still welcome otherwise qualified applicants under 18.
- Gear - Not entirely an issue, but your knowledge of your class and performance are. None the less, we do expect you to have at least some decent gear along with appropriate gems/enchants.
- Deadly Boss Mods / BigWigs / Similar Addon
- Omen Threat Meter
- oRA3 (or any mod similar that speaks with CTRaid commands)
- Ventrilo – A microphone is not necessary, but being connected to Vent during raids is mandatory!
- Most able relax and have fun. It's a game.
Greetings and salutations Juurei. <Sodality of the Cairns> is a community first guild recruiting for the Mists of Pandaria. Community first means we are looking for members of like mindset who are looking to have fun and form friendships and values them over progression/gear. Activities you will find here include Raiding(25s), PvP (world, arena, RBGs), Events (trivia, naked gnome race, etc), and casual PvE (questing, scenarios, pet battles, dungeons, xmog/achievement runs) - more or less everything =P. A Jack-of-all-Trades guild, as we like to refer to ourselves, means that there is always something going on in the game and the guild is always active with an event.

Guild Schedule

7pm [Achievement/Transmog Run] - Faelarin

8pm [Arena] - Nitechade

4pm [Pet Battles] - Naiora/Jerems
6pm [Challenge Modes] - Dawnsknight

5pm [Achievement/Transmog Run] - Faelarin
6pm [Scenario] - Dawnsknight

6pm [Challenge Modes] - Dawnsknight
10pm [Arena] - Nitechade

Noon [Fun Event] - Sevirus
3-7pm [25-man Raid] - Natersmater/Jaecee
9pm [Rated Battlegrounds] - Nitechade

2pm [Pet Battles] - Naiora/Jerems
3-7pm [25-man Raid] - Natersmater/Jaecee
9pm [Rated Battlegrounds] - Nitechade

Guild: Sodality of the Cairns
Type: Jack-of-all-Trades
Faction: Alliance
Server: Stormreaver-PvP(CST)
Battletag: Natersmater#1999
I'm terribly sorry, but I'm going to have to decline the invitation.. I forgot to put up my availability, and while i would absolutely love to give you guys a try, there's just no way i can make those raid times.

Best of luck to you!
Thanks for the invitation, but in order for me to raid with you guys, I would have to skip my afternoon class on tuesdays and thursdays, and with my current schedule at work, i doubt i'd be able to get wednesdays off :P

I appreciate the offer, and I wish you guys the best of luck.
Thank you so much for the offer! But alas, I could only make the thursday night raid (i'm only off work tuesdays and thursdays for the most part)

Another note is that I am Resto shaman main spec, and my offspec is enhancement, and i use it mainly just to do my dailies and never expect to raid as either of the DPS specs on my shaman.

I wish the best of luck to you and your raid team!
I appreciate the offer, but unfortunately, I cannot make the raid times you guys currently run.

Again, thank you, and I hope you guys find suitable raiders to fill your team!
Questionable Intent is a 25-man Horde weekend raiding guild on Shadowmoon (US-PvP, EST).

Raid Schedule
  • Friday – 8 PM – 12 AM EST
  • Saturday – 8 PM – 12 AM EST
  • Monday – 8 PM – 12 AM EST
  • Sometimes our raids will go past our scheduled raid times if we are getting close to downing a progression boss or to finish clearing up some farm content. However, we try to limit this to no more than 10-20 minutes. Our raids pull precisely on time with pre-planned breaks because we understand that sitting at your computer for any number of hours can be difficult.

    We are a 25 man raiding guild. We strive to down as much content as we can during our allotted raiding time. Our goal is to be a successful and compete with guilds that raid four days a week so in order to do this we need upper talented, motivated players. Alts are welcome in our guild but be aware that even though it is your alt, it is a main in our guild. That said, you must have BiS enchants and know your class thoroughly.

    Recruitment Needs* (Alts of Weekday Raiders are welcome.)
  • Tanks
  • Healers
  • DPS
  • *If you feel that you are an exceptional player, feel free to apply even if we are not specifically recruiting your class. We are always looking for talented, quality and capable players to add to our roster.

  • Tier 14
      6/16 Normal
  • Tier 13
      8/8 Heroic
      Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
  • Loot Distribution

    Loot is distributed through a merit-based loot council. What this means to you as a potential raider in Questionable Intent is that your performance will always be taken into account when deciding loot. We do not limit performance to just how well you do on DPS/Damage Meters. Our idea of performance constitutes your attitude, how well you prepare for raid encounters, how much damage/dps you deal and take in an encounter, what you contribute to the guild outside of raid times, where it would benefit the raid more and how well you take direction.


    Zierius - Alcarius#1540
    Derrickster - derrickster#1587
    Venus - venus#1169
    Pryne - Pryne#1736

    You may also contact us via whisper in game on the characters Zierius, Derrickster, Venùs (ù= alt+0249) or Pryne; or you may visit our website at [url][/url]

    How to Apply

    We realize that not everyone is comfortable or very good at filling out a 'form' for applying. As a result, we offer two methods of application: You may apply via public or private form application available on our guild website or you may apply via a vent interview that will cover the same points as the form application. If you elect to attempt application to Questionable Intent, please review the application form available on our forums prior to the interview.

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