What is wrong with my gear?

What is wrong with my gear? I'm 2-shotted by fire mages and lvl 80 dk with 36K hp (Cata geared) parried all my attacks.
Blizzard has pretty much made the 80-84 bracket unplayable along with the 75-79 bracket because they are really good at making the required level for BoE items.
I am in MoP gear. 91K unbuffed hp.
10/11/2012 01:57 PMPosted by Morri
I am in MoP gear. 91K unbuffed hp.

Exactly the problem.
10/11/2012 02:03 PMPosted by Powerspawn
Exactly the problem.

So to stay alive more than 10 seconds in level 80-84 BG's I need what, WotLK or next expansion gear?
I think issue with Blizzard balance and formulas: they balancing somewhere at top level and exact tier. What could possibly go wrong? Like horde level 17 in full season 12 PvP set 1-shotting crowd of 90-th near Stormwind gates? Impossible (happened in Beta). Or ret paladins in Cata at bracket 75-79 1-shotting with Exorcism. Holy paladins in 5.0.4 same with Holy Shock.
My expertise 5+%. Found what is wrong by checking AH: you can get blue items since level 80 with ilvl 409-442, which is better than Kun-Lai Summit quest rewards.
And youll keep dying a lot until you hit 90...then die some more...until you get your gear

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