Fist Weapon, Bug or not ?

Hey guys i would like to know if the Devs are aware that the fist weapons are bugged when you enter in combat. Here is the situation:

If you use a fist weapon on your main hand it just won't appear when u enter in combat.

But if you use it on your off-hand it shows it perfectly, so it is clear that hiding fist weapons in combat was not intended (there is a glyph for it).

So i would like to know if this is going to be fixed or they dont even know it yet (kinda dissapointed this wasnt fixed on beta, but hey look at pvp).

PS: Im posting this on bug section too, just posted here for some discussion between monks.
No idea, but i'm stay away from fist weapons even they look awsome, its so hard to get hit/expertise capped i'm using swords due to the racial

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