Guo-Lai Cache

I have twice looted Guo-Lai Cache keys from mobs while doing Golden Lotus daily quests. On both occasions I have gone to the Guo-Lai Ritual Chamber, found a Cache chest, clicked on it to open, and the chest opened.....but no loot window appeared. I click again, but the UI tells me I need a key, so apparently my key was consumed on the first attempt.

Both times another player came by moments later, opened and looted the chest.

I have Honored reputation with Golden Lotus, if that means anything....

What am I doing wrong?
Had same thing happen to me today. Pretty annoying as the keys are hard to come by and I lost 3 by the time I realized something was up.
Just had it happened to me. It opened and took my key, but no loot.
There seems to be a decreased change in the drop chance of the keys. There are quite a few obvious changes to loot tables recently. The little sha's for jade temple AC daily now only drops junk where they used to drop motes and other stuff.. Any other loot changes anyone has noticed?
I had something almost the same happen. I used a key to open the chest behind the spider and the chest opened. As chest was opening baby spiders spawned and attacked, instantly causing the window to flash that I had loot but closing without me receiving anything. I placed a ticket. This is BS Key drops are flipping rare and mine is gone. The reply I got back from the game master makes me furious. I posted it below.

Sorry to hear about the situation that occurred here. With this chest and key combo, it's a pretty sensitive Cache to loot. Once the key is used it's best not to move, drop the loot window or do really anything until the loot is picked out. Should a character move and the window drop for any reason, the only way to reopen the chest would be to use another Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Key. Though we will be unable to restore any items from this encounter, I hope this helps out with future looting situations regarding this chest.
If this response is unclear or you need further assistance please reply back to the ticket. ("\(^.^) /wave
Take care and enjoy,
Game Master Lormiele
Blizzard Entertainment

I did not cause the loot window to close I did not move I simply had the baby spiders spawn WTH Blizz you have a glitch. FIX IT!.
I've always had the gou-lai quest keys work correctly, every single time.
My keys have always worked, I just believe you can only get a certain amount of keys per day or something, farmed for about 3 hours on shadow tian mogu mobs and not one key for me
The BF has never seen a cache to use his 2 keys on.

Where do they appear?
The BF has never seen a cache to use his 2 keys on.

Where do they appear?

After you defeat the boss(s) inside that Guo'Lai underground tomb place, there may be a chest that appears by the wall on your way out. Somewhere random.

I've opened like 5, all had the reputation doodad and maybe some gold. Forgot.

Exalted GL and still have 3 in my bank - hope I can pass them to alts later. Absolutely useless for this char.

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