Rank 1 Frost Mage Streaming PVE

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Currently play with Aftermath on Mal'ganis, the best 3 night a week 25 man guild in the world. I'm going to be streaming our raiding on:
Monday 9-12:30 EST
Wednesday 9-12:30 EST
Sunday 8-1 EST

I currently have rank 1 parses on 25man Elegon and Emporer, and lots of other high parses on every fight. I'm currently raiding as frost (will go fire once my gear is at the point where fire is higher consistent damage) and will answer questions and help people better their mage play.

When I'm not raiding I'll be streaming dailies/BGs/arena (although I'm pretty bad at PVP). Enjoy.

Stream news:
mic and webcam added

doing BGs mostly today and tonight
Streaming BGs tonight with my webcam as fire
Streaming heroic 25man raid tonight. Feng then Gara'jal. Come check it out
Streaming heroic 25man Gara'jal progression for an hour or two then cleanup of the rest. Come watch and ask questions or make fun of me if I stand in fire.
Which L75 and L90 talents do you pick for each boss?
It varies but watch my stream and see.

Couldnt get Gara'jal on heroic, cleaning up now.
Got rank 1 parse on normal at least at 95k dps:
Nice, I saw. I just realized I can check the logs too.
Yeah feel free to ask questions in stream. Frost is very good right now, but fire will outscale it eventually :(
Will be streaming our next raid on wednesday and maybe some LFR tomorrow. Come check it out and learn something!
Here's videos for each of the bosses last night if people are looking at how to optimize their output on fights, or what talents/bomb etc to use:

Gara'jal - rank 1 parse

Spirit Kings - rank 3 parse

Elegon - rank 2 parse

Emporers - rank 1 parse
Thanks for posting. I really like your UI - makes everything clear.
Starting up stream now, raid starts in an hour and a bit, will be clearing Stone Guard/Feng heroic then working on (and hopefully killing) Gara'jal.
Starting raid now
Going to be streaming our raid tonight. Had way too many 0% wipes on Gara on wednesday, will get him for sure tonight.
Streams up now, come check it out
what stat do you stack as frost? do frost spec need to get crit to 25-28% then haste? or just stack haste as much as possible? ofc after hit capped
Also when do you think fire is better around to swap too? I enjoy the movement of fire though ik i can take scorch if needed or ice flows on fights i need minimum movement.
As frost: haste > crit > mastery after hit capped, actual stat weights will vary with your current gear but it's held true any time I've done myself on Simcraft. The amount of crit you would need to get to the crit cap would be pretty absurd.

As for fire: I think it will start to outscale frost around ilvl500, but both are so close it will come down to playing which spec works better on a fight-by-fight basis and not the simulated highest dps (as it always ends ups).

Heroic Gara'jal kill last night:

Going to be streaming heroic 25 Elegon tonight. Have a new processor today so stream will be in 1080p from now on :)
btw why do you run incanters ward over evocation or rune?

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