Rank 1 Frost Mage Streaming PVE

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10/25/2012 06:34 PMPosted by Deerde
Thanks for the clarification, Yuki, I misunderstood your first post.

No prob. I hope you find an add-on(s) that supports your needs. :)
Streaming some gold challenge modes

How do you like the NT, obviously its working well for you but do you ever swap out to frost bomb?

Do you ever play fire or just frost?
I'll use frost bomb on heroic Feng for the adds, and thats about it.

As for fire: might switch as my gear gets better, but I'm really liking frost for now.
i need some action, at work bored. no one wants to come in and pay me.
Camping galleon right now so it wouldn't be too entertaining lol
Heroic spirit kings 25 on stream now
Hey, what is your single target/multi target rotation?
those parses are misleading as they only count frost mages, you are way behind if you count fire mages which are beating you by as much as 28k dps on elegon.

edit: not trying to knock the OP in any way, just saying fire is much much better, but with the OPs gear it wont beat frost as his crit gear is terrible.
Elegon is all about how many charges get killed, and obviously favors fire with spreading combustion and inferno blast autospreading living bomb. Its a lot more fair to compare a fight like Feng or Gara'jal (but hard to here because of logging up/downstairs).

Also fire has a way larger variance, looking at the top log on normal 25 Elegon for example, for 89 fireball casts he has 54 pyros, which is an insanely lucky ratio (typical is around 1/3-2/5 pyros per fireball). For every crazy lucky parse like that there is an equal insanely unlucky one... which is why you never see the same mages on top for fire parses, its completely random. Frost is a lot more consistent, and my damage on average would be higher than any of those fire parses that fluctuate like crazy.

Heroic Feng: Highest fire parse 109k, me at 105k. Very comparable
Spirit Kings: Highest fire parse 93k, me at 94k on frost, higher than fire...
Streams up, doing heroic elegon 25
Best pve horde racial, imo.
Streaming 25man heart of fear

Vision of the Predator huh, has Light not dropped for you yet? That seems like an odd choice but you might know something I don't.
Yeah basically no luck on light of cosmos so far :(

4/6 so far tonight in about 3 hours
We've gotten 0 wands and 1 trinket since MV came out. Pretty cool.
Yeah I got a wand on a roll the same time I got the trink with my coin and felt bad so I gave the wand to our shadow priest thanking a new one would drop soon, dumb me. Garalon is a clusterf*** Im excited to watch your guys' vid.
Er I meant 0 wands and 1 trinket, lol.

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