Rank 1 Frost Mage Streaming PVE

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Streaming heroic 25 man spirit kings

We killed heroic Elegon on Monday, working on heroic Spirit Kings tonight then Will of the Emp

I have read most of the post as switching from arcane and have never played a frost spec. Do you have a guide? There are alot of abbreviations which I'm trying to figure out and would like to play frost in a raid environment.

Any help would be appreciated

doing some LFR then drunk hardcore inferno d3

best mage world
streaming heroic 25 raid


Why'd you racechange? Undead are best
streams up raid tonight

Streams up
not sure what were doing tonight but probably will of the emp heroic then the new zone.


I've been watching your streams and noticed your raiding as fire now.

At what point does Fire out gear frost? I am by no means a serious player, I just do LFR and play around casually, but I was just wondering about how much crit% should I have before switching to fire is optimal, I always played fire but found when I hit 90 my crit % was way to low to perform well in raids.
Hey Matt,

are you from toronto ? I've been contemplating on playing frost upcoming patch but take a look at my gear its very crit base. so iono
I'd say around 7k crit rating fire starts feeling a lot more poweful

Good guess, but I'm from Fredericton (New Brunswick). Your gear is very crit heavy so staying fire wouldn't be an awful idea.
@Audacity - I recently went fire from arcane all through cata (Frost leveling). I know at my gear lvl, 450's frost would probably be better, but I want to start getting used to fire since I have never played it. Was wondering if you use any fire-specific add-ons, like to track combustion, or do you just use weakauras to track buffs/debuffs, bomb up time, etc. Any other tip's rotation wise, or tricks would be awesome. Thanks again, love watching your streams.
I like to use weakauras for managing my buffs and debuffs (including heating up and hotstreak)

For tracking bombs I use scorchio2, I like how you can have a group of bars showing the bomb durations, with the target highlighted and others more transparent.

For tracking ignite I use myBigIgnite, its really customizable but I just use it to track the duration and amount of my ignite (really similar to combustionhelper, I just find combustionhelper ugly as hell).

As for tricks... fire is super straightforward to play I find. The only real trickery is around good alter time usage to get huge combustions (the main idea is get a hotstreak AND heating up proc before using alter time, but it's hard to explain).

Stream is up now and raid starts in about 30 minutes. Come check it out!

Hey Audacity,

LOL i live in toronto too and i saw you had mentioned eastern ontario

Anyways, I was wondering if you would be able to help set up my UI i tried to use weakauras and such but i completely failed even watching youtube vids haha
and i was thinking of trying out frost for dps.

add my on realid if you can jms_lui@yahoo.ca
Streams up and raid starting soon, come check out heroic 25 man Heart of Fear.

streaming heroic HoF tonight come watch. playing frost again too :)

You are my main competition for frost mages, in the US that is. Keep up the good work :P
starting heroic 25man HoF soon.. streams up


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