Bug: #showtooltip for Jab

When I use the following macro the icon for Jab that it shows is perpetually greyed out, making it appear that the ability can't be used (even though it still can, even through this macro)...

/cast [modifier: alt] Expel Harm; Jab
Confirmed with all uses of #showtooltip Jab

Adding to a list of current monk bugs found here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6794829554#1
Didn't know that existed. Thanks!

That Dizzying Haze thing has been bothering me too, would be nice to know if it's intended or not since it basically makes BoF (and the DH keg throw) useless in raids...
Try just doing;

#show Jab

Works fine for me.
I figured out the bug here...

Back in beta when you equipped a different weapon in our main hand it actually gave you a different ability instead of Jab: fist = Jab, mace = Club, axe = Sever, sword = Slice, polearm = Pike, and staff = Clobber. Then they removed that and just made the ability stay with the name "Jab" but changed the icon picture instead based on your weapon.

I noticed that when I had a fist weapon equipped that all of a sudden the macro icon wasn't greying out anymore, and I put two and two together. The underlying code must still think that the ability name is changing in order to allow the icon to change, therefore making the macro appear like its unuseable, even though the button will still work since it is called "Jab" now. Seems to me that it's just a little bit of messy code left behind from beta that needs to be cleaned up...

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