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Just got my kids a couple of starter edition accounts. We are all having a blast - it is so fun to see the game from level 1 through their eyes and at their pace.

My question: is it possible to MUTE an account but still allow very select communication to/from select accounts (or at least, the account that shares the e-mail address of the parent control e-mail?) I am not seeing a way to do this.

Would love to know how, or perhaps someone at Blizz can pass this to the higher-ups. These young players are 7 and 10 and ideally I'd like to keep them sheltered from worldwide communication, but I'd still like to be able to communicate with them in-game as a parent. Our computers are in separate rooms due to household logistics.
That's a good idea, Doc, though one thing I like about it is that they seem interested in talking to me through the game, and I'd like to encourage them developing their typing skills through play and also use it as a learning opportunity for internet safety (by starting with understanding how to use channels of communication.) This is part of my devious plan as a parent to nip d00dspeak/txtspeak in the bud before they become too independent. :)

So far I've just been removing the MUTE option when we play together (with global/zone channels off and instructions to ignore anyone that sends whispers but me), and then putting it back on when they play solo. Sort of tedious though, and obviously only offers partial protection. It seems a shame that since the parent control e-mail matches my own WoW account, that the game wouldn't recognize me as parent and let my communication through.
Just a heads up--if your kids are playing starter editons, they can't send direct whispers or speak to anyone level 30 and up. So I guess it's already done for you.

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