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Okay, so back after a very very long hiatus from the game and am playing my warlock - just level 81 now. I'm curious about what is the most effective AoE method for the demo spec. Currently, I do not have harvest life, so I generally drop my HoG and corr on everything, then use hellfire. Only problem is that I have a pretty short up time on hellfire unless I have a really on the ball healer, which so far is never. Obviously, in solo play, hellfire is not really a good option.

So, question is, is it worth getting harvest life and just not using hellfire, unless I know I have a great healer watching me? And how much of a dps loss am I looking at for going with harvest life instead of hellfire.

Or maybe I'm just doing it all wrong? lol
Harvest life rocks for questing especially. Pull a couple mobs with corruption, HoG twice, pop meta, felstorm, immo aura, harvest life...GG

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