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"In times of war or uncertainty there is a special breed of warrior ready
to answer our Nation's call. A common man with uncommon desire to succeed...

Let me take this time to introduce you to my new guild: <Kungfucius>.

The quoted text above is an excerpt from a creed. It hints at the type of raiders I am looking for to build this new guild. I am seeking players "with uncommon desire to succeed". Raiding, however, is not the sole purpose of this guild.

My wife and I seek to have a guild that does it all: raids, enjoys PvP, world events, crazy times, epic social happenings in guild chat, etc. We will run this guild together along with selected Officers. (Spots are being considered for capable people). While my wife will focus on the casual end of the guild my purpose will be to lead progression raiding and this is why I am writing this post: for the raiders out there who want to start fresh and take part in active progression.


The reason I have titled the thread "Spit-Shine" is for one simple reason: I am decently experienced raider and, more specifically, a raid leader. I am better at this job than some and can still learn from many but I pride myself in doing the best I absolutely can to get my team through the end of the content.

The guild, however, is brand new; it is being built from the ground up. We are looking for players who do not mind putting in the effort to build a new guild. This is a new expansion and a fresh start for all; this is also the birth of a new beginning.


The type of raiders I am seeking posses some of the following traits:

  • They research their class and raid encounters outside of the game to the fullest extent possible.
  • They are capable of thinking outside of the box.
  • They work well with others and excel in a team atmosphere.
  • They do not quit. Ever. When faced with an obstacle this player looks to overcome it instead of giving up.
  • They learn quickly, adapt to situations spontaneously, and learn from their mistakes so they are not made again.
  • Most important: they maintain character about themselves as to not disrespect another person or their team members.

This is just a few traits I look for in any guild member but especially one that is a member of my team. If you cannot handle these simple things then you do not belong on this team.

This team I speak of will be a single 10M team. We will be close, learn from each other, adapt to each other, and work together as one. I do not want individuals who seek to only progress themselves. If you are not looking to progress the team first then you do not belong.

As a starting point I am looking for the following classes. Naturally, this can be adjusted as needed for the right people:

  • Protection Warrior (Myself)
  • Blood Death Knight
  • Holy Priest
  • Mistweaver Monk
  • Combat Rogue
  • Retribution Paladin
  • Arcane Mage
  • Shadow Priest
  • Beast Mastery Hunter
  • Demonology Warlock

As I said, this is just an outline. This list can be changed and roles can be swapped out for the right type of player. A player's personality and playing capabilities will always outweigh their specific class.

The last important detail to know is our raid schedule. The time zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST). It is the time zone of my realm.

  • Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Time: 9:00 PM EST - 12:00 AM EST


While this is a lot of text, it is all vitally important before you consider joining this guild. Please remember: we are a guild that looks to enjoy all aspects that this game has to offer. This thread is specifically focused toward the progression raid team.

If you should have any questions, please contact me directly in game. This is where all business will be handled. Thank you for your time.

- Sajakain, Guild Master, <Kungfucius>
Real ID: Sajakain@yahoo.com
Battletag: Sajakain#1914
Another note worth mentioning concerning potential raiders:

Being able to play multiple specs on your character (or even multiple characters in general) is an outstanding bonus. Alt runs, class swaps, role swaps as necessary may be requested to progress.

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I give you props for a far more creative recruitment post than most.

Good luck with your team.
I give you props for a far more creative recruitment post than most.

Good luck with your team.

Thank you. =)


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Keep in mind we are looking for capable guild Officers as well to aid in the growth of <Kungfucius>.
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