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I have some friends that are about fifteen and sixteen and others that have kids, full-time jobs and this and that or even parents that have kids and that are just easy-going people! People can be !@# holes regardless of their age, same goes for being high-strung. As for discussing "adult topics"? Well, hrnk, turn around, look over your shoulder and take in all of the hyper-sexualisation that's being flung on people these days. If anything, it just makes them mature quicker.

Some adults get uppity about swear-words and squinty when you talk about politics and ADULT BEDSIDE SHENANIGANS and others don't. Same goes for younger players. Take a 5 minute trip in the WrA public vent with the name Rayus and you'll see how many "mature adults" breathe down the back of your neck for something completely meaningless on the internet.

At 14 (the age at which my brother opened his gas station) I went to bed super late during the summer to be able to help him out with balancing out the day without a problem and eventually being able to sort out all the paperwork and so forth on my own. That being said, everyone is different and I'll just shrug if someone complains about younger players and point out all the whiny older players.

My guild is filled with totally immature adults that are complete goof balls and all-around weirdos (HI THYRUS AND JOSRIAL, I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU ON THE FORUMS)! We have a minor or three tossed in to make for a rather interesting mix of craziness. It's just a game and should be interpreted as such; it's a place to lay back and goof around, I like to think.

Then again, I don't high-end raid and I do arenas with whomever I please and I only start to squint and cringe about the composition of a team when it's for RBGs because that win-loss ratio just isn't going away and it makes me self-conscious.

In the end, WoW is serious.
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give him back, he's stopped going into vent now and then
2 words that make my blood run cold when I consider children in any vent channel with adults online.

Kyle's. Mom.

Never doubt the ability of stupid parents to take umbrage at even the most innocent comment.
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give him back, he's stopped going into vent now and then

no he's mine and you are made of butts
10/03/2012 09:49 AMPosted by Talfrund
I've also known all too many people who are living proof that you can be forty years old without being mature.

My goodness... Tal you don't have to come onto these public forums telling everyone my dirty little secret! Besides, I'm only 30! DOH!

:P I concur, thats exactly why we dont put age restrictions out there in CoS.

- edit -

Regarding vent usage and the younger crowd: I personally DO police our guild vent. Not, however, because I am worried about children hearing something they shouldnt. As a matter of fact, foul language and inappropriate comments in vent, at least in my experience, are GENERATED by those immature players more often than heard by them. What they hear from friends and at school is so much worse than what I would ever expect most of the adults in our guild to be saying even if I just didn't care.

Having younger members in the guild is exactly why I police vent. It is to protect the adults from the barrage of 4 letter words and offensive comments that a teen just learned at school this month and is chomping at the bit to get to use in front of a new audience. I make it clear that it is not acceptable, and if using foul / offensive language is a personal requirement (adult or not) they are welcome to leave vent. Not to say that nobody ever slips up, and thats not the end of the world... but to be completely honest, I pay for vent, and I dont want to hear it. Truth be told, I don't/should not REALLY need to police vent in the first place because I think its clear to everyone that we expect a certain level of behavior from CoS members.
Hey, so long as you know there's a kid in channel, or you can create an 18+ channel for people to talk about 'adult' topics, it's all gravy.

It's when you have somebody's kid brother log on and hear an off-colour joke or an immature comment and repeat it to the parents who then go on a rampage that it can all turn to hell.

I remember back on Thorium Brotherhood one of a friend's Guildies didn't tell us he'd left his young sister to run his character around and farm leather while he went out to pick up some groceries.

Predictably, there was one knuckle-dragger who made a sexist joke about Whitemane, I think it was, and all of a sudden this adorable little voice pipes up with "What does [anatomical term] mean?"

Then she told her parents. Then the friend got banned from World of Warcraft because everyone on Vent must surely be like that, so the only time he could play was on his lap-top at Highschool because his parents had uninstalled all of his Online Computer Games because they were full of 'filthy' people.

Because of that one token player who can't ever come up with a joke that doesn't belong in the S-Bend of the toilet.

Yeah, this stuff can snowball pretty fast.
^ I am Juansun, and I approve this message. (Pellius) :P
Since I'm 26, I don't really pay attention to age restrictions in WoW guilds. Being AO or T isn't really a boon or detraction for me, so long as the guild agrees with my personal rules. One, no hate speech, two, no %%*@@*!# jokes and three, DBAD. If they can meet that, everything's gravy and I'll happily add to their guild levels/bank/chat. Shan're, having an OOC guild chat, was a "mature PG-13" until midnight server time when it became, Shan're After Dark when chat could veer up to.. well, after dark status where only a few adults really were awake anyways.


Maturity is a mindset, not a milestone.
Maturity is a mindset, not a milestone Loreynna I completely agree with this statement in my time of online gaming probably since I was 14ish.
I have met all types of people and I have heard "Adult talk" and I wasn't giggling saying silly things I knew what was what. I will say tho now that I am older I do like 18+ guilds because around younger players I do try to sensor myself but it is annoying at times. But I feel at the same time if a younger player gets maybe a "trial" to see how they mesh with other guild members and they are mature enough I see no reason why they shouldn't be able to stay.
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Hey, so long as you know there's a kid in channel, or you can create an 18+ channel for people to talk about 'adult' topics, it's all gravy.

I had a character in a guild that tried this. Then one of the "kids" got into it, and then the others cause you know, "Hey have you heard of this channel!? Join too.".

I think an overall policy just works better.
Considering the fact that not all adult topics are sexual in nature, and some reflect experience moreso than anything that a person beneath the age of 18 could not possibly understand...

I don't think it's unfair for a guild to not want to deal with segregating adult and all-ages conversations. Again, it's a personal preference, and there's many good reasons for it that have been given. It's not the ONLY way, no one has once said that. But it's a way that works for some, and not for others.

So instead of claiming it's hogwash or wrong, try to see it from other people's point of view, and try to take a look at the reasons that are given instead of the ones you assume.
I'd say it depends. Truth is, people will lie about their age if they are under 18, 21, or whatever the age requirement to join a guild is. The only real way to gauge maturity is through the application, interview, or just being in the guild itself and seeing how they behave.

As a 20 year old, I personally believe 16 is the proper age for joining a "mature" guild. 18 year olds can be just as immature as 16+ year olds, especially if they are in freshman year of college and in the "woohoo party" phase of their life.

Long story short: If they act nice, decent, and cool to everyone, keep em. If they go around calling people nerds, cheering about the latest Swifty video, and begging to get carried through runs, maybe it's time to talk to them about how to properly behave.

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