Swiftmend Bugged???


Was healing on my druid these past few weeks and Swiftmend doesnt seem to be working or is getting delayed.

i cast rejuvi on the tank and try to hit swiftmend and it makes me click the person to cast swiftmend it doesnt register at all when rejuvi is on the target.

i then tried to switch it out and use regrowth only for my swiftmend and this takes to long and then again it is bugging and not registering the hot on the target for swiftmend till after i have clicked swiftmend then i needa click the person...

is anyone else having this problem and if so have you found a workaround to this problem as it i s really annoying.

any help on this matter would be appreciated.


P.S. Sorry forgot to add i am not using any addons and am using default ui setup while trying this out. i have cleared cache and WTF folder as well.
It's a known bug that happens to many spells (Swiftmend, PW:S, etc). The workaround is to use a macro /use 1
/cast Swiftmend

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