[H]<The Perfect Storm>(3/6) LF Mage or Lock

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Hello there!

<The Perfect Storm> is currently looking for a reliable Mage or Warlock. We are a 10m raiding guild with a laid back approach to the game. Our ideology is getting as much done as possible in very little time. By bringing the correct people to the group we can easily achieve this and have done so in the past!
Anywho, I can bore you with a huge blog of text, but I’ll get right to it.

Our raid times are Tues/Thurs/Sunday 7-10 EST. If you’re interested in PvP, we’ll be running RBGs regularly on off-nights.
Loot is distributed by a loot council panel of 3 people. We are looking to make the group better, not each individual. We have an open gbank for raiders that will supply flasks, enchants, gems, and other RP items.

If you’re interested feel free to real ID me: Inquisitionx@gmail.com
Hope to hear from you soon!
PS - We are starting Sunday :3
Still looking! Will be online all night
Where all my droods at?
I'll be on all night. Still need a drood or priest!
BOOM.. The Storm is comin!
<The Perfect Storm> Group 1 (1/6 in MV) is still seeking a healer to complete the group!! We prefer: Hpal, Monk, Druid. We would like you to have at least all heroic ilvl gear along with proper gemming and reforging. Knowledge of the fights is a definite plus, even if you have not entered the raid and tried it out for yourself. Whisper myself, Allahu, Doton, or Chîdori in-game, or you can reply right on this forum and we will get back to you ASAP!!
Updated the post! Looking for a Lock/Mage! Contact me!
Still looking! Attendance issues ftl

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