<Divinity Reborn> Rexxar/Horde (LvL 25)LFM

Guild Recruitment
Divinity Reborn (Rexxar/Horde) is now looking for more for MoP heroics and 10 man raid prep. Looking for dedicated skilled members to gear up with through heroics and prep for raids.

In need of:
1-2 Tanks
2 healers
4-5 DPS
Raid days will be Thur and Sat at 7:30pm central...our server is central time

Also looking for trade skills for raid support: JC, BS, LW, Enchanter, Inscription

Please have raid exp, skill, and be able to use and speak on vent

To set up a vent interview reply to my real ID (Shaggy348#1475)
Feel free to reply to this post to bump it up but i may not replay to this post
No rerolls plz...
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