Frenzied Regen not scaling with Agility?

Is it me or is Frenzied Regen not scaling with agility? It doesn't seem to scale with agility, only stam. Is this intended or a bug?

    I believe it's using the maximum of
  • Sta*2.5
  • or
  • 2*(AP-Agi*2)
  • So, if the stamina calculation wins out it uses stamina, and if the AP calculation wins out, it appears to remove agility. It might only switch from the stamina version with large stacks of vengeance, or with AP buffs...I'm sure someone who knows will come along.
Im still bearfused. Can anyone clarify?
Frenzied regen doesn't scale with AGI, the formula as stated above makes it scale with AP minus the AP from your agi (AP-AGI*2), thus only making vengeance, and extra AP gained from 10% ap buffs, scale with frenzied regen.

If your vengenace is too low, frenzied instead scales with your stamina at a factor of 2.5x, however thats really easy to surpass, but it's why you can heal yourself for 30k~ with zero vengeance.
^ bingo

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