Fury to op?

Not sure if anyone else besides me in the world is Single minded fury but i feel a bit to overpowered in heroics

with gear that's the same or just slightly better then the other dps im always doing 20k+ higher dps on boss fights and forget about aoe, its always over 100k dps

and if I really want to burst on a boss I can get over 200k burst at the start of the fight and only drops down to about 80-90k at the end fairly easy

not sure if its fury or just single minded fury thats so op. but holy !@#$

Is any other fury warrior feeling this or is it just because i'm so good?
Wait until you get into a raid to pass judgment. I tear it up in heroics, I was humbled in a raid environment. :P
For comparison purposes, I'm pushing an average 55k on bosses... That being said, can't tell if troll or not

edit: in heroics
5-man fights are too short for warrior damage to balance out. It's easy to burst off a ton of damage when your cooldowns can cover a large portion of the fight. Raid fights are a lot longer and you might not have Bladestorm or Dragon's Roar for every set of adds.
How can you possibly be OP in PVE?
I'm having a bit of a hard time in a raid environment. Not being hit or expertise capped and running around with such low crit really hurts, SMF or not.

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