Shaman vs Druid vs Paladin PVP Healing

I am just now getting back into the game having not played since the first few months of Cataclysm, I'm almost entirely lost on the state of PVP healing.

I have an 85 Shaman, 80 Druid, and a 66 Paladin, and I can't decide which to play.

My focus will be primarily PvP BGs, mostly focusing on Healing though occasionally I might opt to DPS/Flag run provided the class I choose is proficient at it.

I thought I would go ahead and ask each community what they felt on the subject.

Any suggestions/thoughts/advice?
Rdruid >>>>>>> Rsham >>> Hpally.

in a bg or rbg, you will never outheal a resto druid. but rshamans are in an amazing spot right now. and our cleave healing is so good! between ascendance and healing tide totem we can top of the entire team in 1-2 GCD's if we use one of those two cooldowns.

and if we use both at the same time, no one ever dies.
Thank you for the input :)

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