Zen Sphere or Chi Burst..which 1 and why?

Ive been instance leveling my Mistweaver and haveing a blast. I picked Chi Wave which I have been reading is not the best for grouping.

Anyway, of the other two which have you guys had the most success with, and why?
I'm using Sphere simply because it doesn't have a cast time, and casting as a tank isn't exactly a good idea, but as non-tanks things might be different.
I understand why chi wave isnt the "best" choice but I prefer the way it heals. Its a great ability for fistweaving imo. Its easy to cast on friend or foe especially in melee range, and its a smart heal. I can mouseover, cast and it does its thing.
I like CHi Wave when I am doing my daily quests.. But rarely use it to heal or in a group.. To heal I prefer Chi Burst, just because I like the mechanic of it.. But ZS is pretty nice, especially in a raid setting when you can get it to burst on a group of people...
Chi Wave isn't the best in groups because its incredibly broken. It refuses to bounce like it's suppose to unless it hits you. If I was forced to choose a different one for mistweaver, I'd probably go with Chi Burst just because I find it easier to use (again, this is strictly for mistweaver).
I use Chi Wave because it's powerful and provides a quick heal when I need it.

When I was Mistweaving though, I really preferred Zen Sphere for its HoT, allowing me to get started Fistweaving more easily. I also like Zen Sphere for the fact that without a cast time, it makes Brewing much more quick and easy.
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I'm using Sphere simply because it doesn't have a cast time, and casting as a tank isn't exactly a good idea, but as non-tanks things might be different.

In the tooltip it states you can still dodge/parry/etc while casting that spell. This is also true with Spinning Crane Kick.

Personally, I'm using Sphere for mistweaver. Need a big aoe heal in 25m? Save 4 chi, and zen sphere/detonate for some impressive burst healing. Add Chi Brew to that and it's pretty awesome.
I absolutely adore Chi Burst as a healer. It heals anything within about 5 yards of the path it flies, and anything within about 5 yards of the target. It's also a nice no-cooldown way to generate Mana Tea stacks when the tank isn't being nuked hard enough to warrant Enveloping. If you're good at positioning, it's an absurdly amazing AoE heal, too.

I have a hunch for end-game raiding that it'll be a choice between Sphere and Burst depending on the demands of the fight in question.
not sure about healing, but as dps, Expel Harm > Chi Burst has not only saved me multiple times in tight spots, but is an excellent way of keeping Tigereye Brew stacks up between combat
I'm also leveling through dungeons and have found Zen Sphere to be great. You can actually make it explode dealing AoE healing if you cast Zen Sphere on someone who already has it active.

Also with Renewing Mist and Zen Sphere you have hots rolling on the tank while you focus on others or dps.
As windwalker I generally run with chi wave.
A tip if you are using it as a non healer during solo, would be to create a macro that makes it so it always casts on your first rather than the enemy. Given that it bounces 7 times, whoever you cast it on will get 4 ticks while the opposite will only get 3.
I use sphere because I hardly need any of them anyway. If I have chi to dump I use enveloping mists or uplift. If no one is taking damage and I have chi to dump, I use sphere to anticipate damage on someone.

For PVE situations chi burst is better I hear for grouped up AOE healing. However even in that case, I'd spend the chi on rushing jade wind, spam spinning crane kick, and dump chi with uplift (or I guess chi burst would be better if you don't have renewing mists up). I do absolutely fine on the meters just using uplift with no rushing jade wind nor chi burst, however in heroics I bet it'll be a different story as healing situations get more specific.

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