Where are my lvl 90 monks at?!

Pfft. You realize that a RAF'er actually spent more time cumulatively than a non-RAF'er, they just spent most of the time before the expansion came out. Oh, and the RAF'er dual-boxer spent more money too.

I've done 1-80 with every class, at least once. Stuffed if I'm going to do that again without some perks.

Anyway, 90 here :D
10/03/2012 04:52 PMPosted by Skadoosh
Getting there, you guys arnt true lvl 90 monks using RaF doesnt count :P, lvl properly.

uhm, sup? 90 since friday night...
I'm 90 with no RAF stuff.
sup im a raf hero
waiting on a queue to log on. thought i'd swing by teh forumz.

also, no RAF. no-lifing it ftw.
Still working on it been somewhat busy and I didn't RaF boost up! =(
1-90 no raf =/ 4 days play time lol
i did it in just over 3 :P
1-90, no raf, ~3d7h playtime before I hit 90 earlier this evening.

That was some grind, but fun... Probably wouldn't do it again though.
Don't even know when I hit 90 or what my played is off hand.

But being the only thing that isn't a fat furball reporting in. Or rotting flesh. Or a goatman. Or a human.
Hello :)
You rang?
Non-RAF reporting.

3 days, 1 hour. No RAF (1 level of rested)

NEVER doing it again.
Im working on it, almost 87, and I didnt RaF. But Im stuck. Here. At. Work. SAVE ME!
Just got there late last night.

3 days, 6 hours, 59 minutes. Now I can finally do something else with my free time.
10/03/2012 12:46 PMPosted by Moshu
Hey! :3

Cool Moshu! Your character is way off to the side! how did you do that?


edit: you too jayded!
the pandaren female character model is messed up. someone over rotated it or something.
Greetings neighbor.

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