Trinket proc's minute after fight

Bug Report
The new zen alchemist stone trinket is proccing after fights. The extra highest stat proc.. Is this a bug Blizzard? After a fight and remount to fly off is about when it does...
No one else has had this happen?
Well, according to a blue in MMO Champ, they've fixed the bug. I have it on my rogue and it doesn't proc once in some fights, but it sometimes procs like 3 times in a row w/o any ICD. Also, it procs whenever I go into stealth....Please fix it Blizzard.
It's pretty annoying to be an alchemist and not being able to use some profession-related gear appropriately.
I think it is proccing from recuperate. The part about it that is annoying to me is that it breaks you out of stealth, which seems like it would be an unintended bug, but I had a post a week ago that got no response.
I'm not sure whats causing it, could be recoup.... Getting a little annoying to have the thing proc when I'm mounting up to fly away.... Makes it kinda useless for combat the as other stats aren't great...
I keep reading patch notes and I see nothing regarding this. Should I just reroll a different profession that won't knock me out of stealth?
Stone is still proccing after fights Blizzard!!!! Mostly when recup is hit... comes in really handy when I'm flying

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