Any good guides to getting raid ready?

Currently I am just grinding reputation for Golden Lotus for chest/glove recipes and doing heroics for pre raid.

Going to level cooking to get new food for raids.

According to Mr. Robot all the BIS for pre-raid is going to be bought with Valor Points but that could cost upwards of 10k valor.

So for now I will stick to grinding it out and saving mats for enchants/tailoring.

Any suggestions?
You should be able to complete the first couple of bosses in 463 heroic gear. You can also get "welfare" tier pieces off of Sha of Anger if you're lucky (extra rolls from coins help) with guarenteed raid level boots. Salyis's warband also drops raid level/tier pieces, but he only spawns a couple times per week whereas Sha spawns once every 2 hours (you can only get loot from him once a week unless you use coins for extra rolls).

LFR, when it comes out, will help supplement your gear but it's not necessary for the beginning of the raid, although it certainly helps.

Run Scholomance for the hope that your RNG gets you the epic staff off the last boss, my RNG is not good.

Make sure you know fights, either by reading up on them from guides (icy-veins is a favorite of mine) and/or watching youtube vids. If you aren't in a raid group, or your raid group isn't ready, try to pug with other groups looking for more. As long as you are decently geared and know the fights you shouldn't have too much trouble finding someone to run with.
I am in the process of gathering more Lesser coins for Elder coins.

Not sure how elders work though?

Need to research on them.

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