Debating on a toon for a main

Death Knight
so I have a bunch of 85's. I have a warrior,this DK an enhance shaman and an upcoming monk (which im justu sing as an alt) and a mid lvl druid

I'm having a hard time deciding which one to throw at lvl 90. Ive heard some great things about DKs,especially with soul reaper and 2h frost being fun again.

Compared to warriors and enhance shaman,how would DKs stand these days?
2h frost is stupid fun.

But, play what you enjoy most.
I was choosing between Ret war and dk.

I chose dk for a couple reasons:

-so much anti-cc. IBF/AMS/LB/Desecrated ground/Deaths Advance. Even the 20% reduced cc duration from frost presence. A dk has a way to get out of almost all cc. Compared to ret that's super easy to cc or warriors that although are basically fearless, still get rooted and kited forever.

-two fun and different specs to play around with. Fury and arms are so similar. Same !@#$ his different rotations and a couple different ability names.

-tons of fun tools. Between dark sim, ams, death grip, necros and soul reaper, dks just have way more cool tools to play with. Warriors are pretty boring and paladins look shiny but their abilities are pretty much dps or heals. Not a lot in between.

Go with what's most fun for you.

For me it was dk.
Having so much fun with dk :)

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