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I'm just wondering, I love my server and the people on it however it is usually a 2-4 hour wait to get on recently as I am on on during peak hours much like many others. I'm not looking to leave the server but I am curious if there is any chance in the near future of logging your character into an overflow server or something like that while I am in queue to get on the regular server. I would love to experience the new content heavily however the people I play with are a very important reason as to why I play. Without them it's just another soft addiction.
I hear you. I have a character on Illidan which I love playing, and it's a pain in the !@# to get to them. I'm just going to have to switch to a different realm for that character. It's just too damn long. I don't think illidan will ever slow down on characters.
Yeah really hope I get a blue response here with some form of indication. Community is everything in a game like this, support would be greatly appreciated here:)

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