Shadow Priest LF 25M Raiding Progression

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I'm looking for serious progression in MoP. I ONLY want to do 25 man raiding, no interest in 10 man.

I am willing to transfer servers and faction if the fit is good.

I'd prefer a PST server, but not required if raid times work out for me.
I'd also prefer staying Alliance, but again it's not required.

3+ nights a week with 3-4 hours a night is ideal. All based on your raid times, may be willing to go later if it works out well.

Add me, if you have any questions. -
Updated with real id and a little more information. I'm not the most experienced raider around, but I take it seriously enough to do my homework and do the best I can possibly do.

I'm a quick learner and follow directions very well. I usually only need to do a fight once before I fully understand everything and know what my job is.

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