Can't finish quest becaus of Phase

I am trying to finish getting my rep with the Lorewalkers so I can get the cloud mount. I found all the scrolls and got all the achievements and all the quests but one. The reason why I cannot get the last one is because apparently I am phased out and I don't know which quest is phasing me out. I tried abandoning all the quests I had and it did nothing for me. I read another post that said clear your cache so i did that and nothing. someone said que for a bg and leave so i did that and nothing. So i'm completely lost I dont know what to do I really want to get out of this phase so I can finish this quest but I dont know which quest put me in the phase or where to find it again to finish it. It's driving me crazy someone please help!
Left out the most important part: which lore scroll thingy is the problem?

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