Priest. Druid. Paladin. Shaman. Monk.

BG Healing at 90.

Rank them 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

And say nothing more. No arguing. no clarifying. Just rank em and submit.

Let's see how long this lasts...
All healers suck currently in BG's where people aren't mouth breathers.

CC+insane burst makes all healers feel pretty useless.

Edit: as for ranking there are different "types" of healing in BG's.

Flag carriers/heal botting one person: Paladin

Group heals and padding BG meters: Druids by far

CC/Damage reduction: Priests/Followed shortly by druids but AoE fears take the cake right now, and Druids don't reduce any damage per-say except a one -20% damage. (seeing as how none of their absorbs count on the healing meters they get skewed and punished more than the other healers).

Healing+Buffs: Shaman by far.

Different folks excel at different strokes.
Aaaand 5 minutes.

Who would you want healing you?
I'd say

Druid 1
Shaman 2
Pally 3
Monk 4
Priest 5

Monk and priest could swap place. Druid and shaman too (depending the situation)
Edited my post for you. At which aspect are you wanting me to rank them? I had to list reasons to give you an example of a context to which healers excel at different healing "roles". Clarify on which aspect of healing please. If you are looking for generally "all around jack of trades in situations" my vote is in order.


I have to leave out monk as I have had little dealings with them yet, but from word of mouth they are very strong.
This isnt the be all - end all ultimate definitive list here...

Just a little show of hands right at the beginning of the season.

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