no boat from Brewmaster Boof?

Bug Report
Seems to be a small bug with the NPC Brewmaster Boof over at The Veiled Stair (The Spring Road).

He will only give you a boat ride one time.
However, when you talk to him again he will ask you if you need a ride and to get in the boat.

The boat is not a solid object and you just fall into the water and you can't click to climb into it either therefore you can't get a ride.

Either this is bugged becasue you can't ride the boat anymore and you should.
This is bugged because your not soposed ride the boat again and he says you can.
A great workaround for this is to actually make your way to Binan village across the lake and find Brewmaster Boof on the docks there.

You will be able to speak to him and hand in the quest without any issues.

This glitch happened to me because I changed factions and had already completed this quest once before.

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