Bug with multiple turn moves & polymorph

Pet Battles
Just got polymorph'd by a toad in hillsbrad while my shimmering wyrmling was using mana surge which works for 3 turns with no other options possible. Bugged out and had to forfeit since it couldn't use a move. Fix it blizz u fkrs.
I'm annoyed because I've had a number of times where I will try to change my pet, or attack with my pet and it continues to count as passing for whatever reason so I can't attack, I can't change pets and eventually my pet dies if I don't forfeit. This also seems to ONLY happen on my panther cub. Luckily it's only with wild encounters and hasn't occurred during a PvP Pet Battle, but it's frustrating none-the-less that I have to either forfeit or sacrifice my panther.
10/04/2012 10:57 AMPosted by Hrodberht
I hate those people.

Seem like a legit reason for hatred, or perhaps a reason to take your meds?

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