Disconnecting when I log with my priest

Bug Report
I was doing the first boss in Blackrock Caverns, Rom'ogg Bonecrusher, when he used his ability chains of WoE he teleported behind me and I was close to a wall and it suddenly disconnected me from the game and I kept trying to log in but it disconnects me every time I try, I can barely see like 1 second into the game and I see my other groupmates corpses around mine and we are in like an orange area under the map, I can log in with any of my other characters so I opened a ticket but it says 4 days and 13 hours wait time, is there anyway I can fix this earlier than that?

It looks like it fixed by itself, sorry for the troubles.
If it isnt already, close that ticket and re open on.

Put STUCK in the subject and in the body. Stuck tickets normaly get bumped up as they take only a few mins and are an easy fix (no looking in logs, etc)

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