[H]<CREAM> 10M 3/16H 16/16N

<CREAM> 10M 3/16H 16/16N are currently recruiting one skilled DPS for our main group. Shadow Priest/Rogue preferred but not necessary, pst for more info.

Raid times are tues/weds/thurs 9pm-12am server time tuesday-thursday.


- Mic + Mumble.
- Being prepared for our raids (Consumables, understanding mechanics.)
- Willingness to progress.
- Know how to play your class.

If interested contact Redmethodman or Jmp ingame, we'll talk a bit and get you in on a trial raid.
cash rules everything around me
i prefer triumph
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If you're a dps and think you can meet our raid times feel free to apply even if not hunter/shaman/druid.
4/6. We're still looking for more dps.
Have a few DPS trial slots for next lockout, get in contact with me ingame. Planning on going atleast 5/6. 11PM-3AM ST Tues/Weds/Thurs
I like these guys.
We are currently looking for a Hunter and a full time healer.

Where the hunters at.

Where the hunters at.

pls hunter pls
bump, looking to fill another slot for heart of fear progression this upcoming reset

currently looking for a healer or a DPS with OS heals that is comfortable with healing. A resto or ele/resto sham would be perfect.

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