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I am looking for an addon or macro that tells me in what stance a warrior is. For paladins, DKs and druids its easy to tell, but warrior stance does not show as a buff in the portrait.

I tried StanceAlert, but it only tells me when a warrior changes stance. It does not tell me if he is already in the wrong one.

It would be nice to have a StanceCheck addon, that warns the group if a dps is in a tanking stance, presence, etc.
Slap him and see if he takes 25% less damage and generates significantly more threat.
Unfortunately there's no way for an addon or macro to tell if an arms/fury warrior (besides the player, obviously) is in defensive stance. We do need this.
A work around way to do this is to set a macro to cast an ability that is unique the stance I.E:

/cast [stance:1] shield bash
/cast [stance:2] whirlwind

with this macro, the icon should change when you change stance giving you a visual indication. Realize I have no idea if stance 1 is defense or not but the concept should give you something to work with.
I believe the OP is asking to be able to tell about the stance of a party member, not their own character.

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