Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike

Bug Report
This quest is either bugged or is the WORST quest in the Outlands zone.

There are two types of eggs: "redeemed" eggs and "malevolent" eggs.

In the old days, you never knew what kind of egg each one was, and you usually ended up killing quite a few malevolent hatchlings before you got your three redeemed ones.

With the changes to the quest UI, when you hover your mouse over an egg, it will tell you which kind it is. Okay, that's nice.

However, since the eggs already have a reputation (redeemed or malevolent), once you have your three of whatever kind, you will no longer be able to click on those anymore.

So if you come into the area and all of the eggs in the next are of the redeemed variety, you'll get your 3 redeemed and then just sit there. You won't be able to open any more eggs.

In time, the three eggs you opened will re-spawn. And I mean in time. The re-spawn time is very slow. And there seems to be a 50/50 chance that the re-spawns will be redeemed or malevolent.

So if two of the three re-spawns come back as redeemed again, you'll only have one malevolent you can interact with. And then you'll have to wait for that one to re-spawn and hope that it comes back as the kind you need.

This should be a rather simple quest: kill the mobs around the nests, and open the eggs. Instead, unless you are supremely lucky, you will have to keep going back to this area every once in a while to find out if any of the remaining eggs you need have spawned.

This quest is NOT worth enough XP, gold, or gear rewards to require it taking 6 hours to complete.
I am doing this exact quest right now. I thought something was amiss when I got my three Redeemed right off the bat and I got one Malevolent and then nothing. I can't click on any of the eggs, I see them there but I can't mess with them. I'm glad you explained it, at least I know that I just need to wait it out. I thought this was one of those, abandon and try again quests.

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