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There seem to be a bunch of phasing problems that exist for the Golden Lotus dailies. I am dealing with a related issue, except that in my case I am unable to see any daily quest for the faction and it is preventing me from completing faction quests for Shado-pan and other pre-raid gear factions.

I have read on other blogs and in the customer support forums that I am not the only one experiencing this issue, so I had expected to see more about the issue in the Big Reports thread.

Here are the details for my bug.
I am currently 270/3000 Neutral with the Golden Lotus.
I have completed the quest "The Guo-Lai Halls" where you have to Kill Dagou.
I completed that quest prior to starting the quest chain that starts with "Temple of the White Tiger" but have not gotten the followup quest "The Shrine of Seven Stars"
I am unable to get the quest "The Shrine of Seven Stars", I do not see the option.

I assume my problem is having to do with a phasing issue.
Same issue here. Turned in the kill Dagou quest and then nothing!
Yeah I'm at the same point, although I've done my Shrine quest. Killed Dagou, did the 3 tests at White Tiger Temple, watched the Gates open, etc. This is ridiculous.
I just wanted to post a response from another thread.

Since then, and what I was returning to this thread to post, we believe we may have found the reason why some of you in this thread have not be able to continue with the line. It seems that there was a quest "The Guo-Lai Halls" that was able to be picked up before completing several quests that led up to it. That issue should be resolved now, but that doesn't help those who may have already completed.

We are currently looking in a possible resolution for those characters and I will return with any updates I get when I get them.
That response above from that other thread is the EXACT issue i am currently having. Can you link that thread by anychance so I can see when there is a response/solution??
They know about this bug and are working on it, saw a GM post about it in another thread for this same topic.
Hope fully this gets fixed soon, i can't complete the "out with the scouts" quest because when i accept the quest the area is just filled with spiders, not the Shao-Tein Precursors.... any one else get stuck on this part of their quests?
My warrior dinged 90 last night and can't start any golden lotus dailies even though she did 3x more top end quests than my warlock.

The quest to go through the gate didn't turn up either... so ended up having to jump over walls from the flight path to get the new fly skill.

Shouldn't be this hard to progress through quest lines and actually get dailies.
same issue here, and even worse, we are loosing time for expansion raid, etc... the GM that tried to "help" me , rolled over my macros and keybinds from PREMOP!!! wth is wrong with you guys, you just killed my energy for MOP
Come ON !! show your face, we are loosing the dailyz , rep and everything of the endgame, are you going to compensate it back? riiiight.. and even your GMs ruined my whole character Macros and keybinds, dam.. and i was actually happy with MOP..
i really want to see that GM fired, how it can be possible to enter my character and rollback the macros and keybinding, not fixing anything, but making my situation worse
After getting the quest "The Shrine of Seven Stars" shared with me and completed last night I was still out of phase for the followup quests, then this morning I was able to pick up the next quests in the chain.

Did they resolve the problem?
No. That area is so bugged.
they did a hotfix this morning, but they remain in silent, we want compensation!
It's still bugged for me too, I don't know if it's phasing or what, but it's really annoying because one minuted I had all the quests and I saw the dailies then poof, all gone except for one that I can't even finish because it's so bugged!

Please fix this already!
Having the same issue also. I'm not going to waste my time submitting a ticket though. I would like it fixed Blizzard, without any excuses. We just want to play the game we have spent so much money and time on.

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