Is the quest "Catch!" bugged?

Bug Report
Just wondering. I'm at 11460/12000 for the Order of the Cloud serpent, and I really want to get revered?

The catch quest seems to not be working. You throw up the ball, and then it falls. I've gone to the spot where is falls to "catch" it, but it seems to be bugged.
Nope, it's not bugged at all. When you see a big black circle, you need to run to that as it seems to be the "catching" point. If you want to get to Exalted, go searching for Onyx Eggs for the rep.
On Kel'thuzad, no one is getting it to work. :(
seems to be bugged on Terokkar also, nobody can get the serpent to catch
Bugged here on Frostmourne NA as well, they wont catch the ball when u go to the landing spot
dude omg, did you really just say no it isn't bugged?? ur stupid......

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