[H] [Blackhand] Recruiting Rogue or Druid!

Guild Recruitment
Guild: <Transcended>
Server: Blackhand-US
Faction: Horde
Times: 6-11pm CST Saturday, 6-10pm Sunday (sometimes start an hour later).

We're not kids, we've raided content before and know how to raid. We are looking for those people that were in top raid guilds that no longer want to raid 6 days a week.

We clear content in a timely manner and have fun doing it.

We don't screw around and are looking for the 10th dedicated person to our 10 man raid team. Must know fights, have a good sense of memory to repeat kills, and not need to be hand-held.

Don't waste valuable raid time, show up on time, etc. etc etc.

Looking for a Druid of any spec BUT resto, or a Rogue.

Contact JS / DINDRATH / CADELSAYA / GURLOCH in game on Blackhand-US if interested.
Bump, still looking...

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