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While I've enjoyed playing this mage I want to play a class that feels more mobile in combat, now if mage's become that in higher levels that's fine then but I feel so slow just standing there waiting for my spells to cast then hitting the next key. Any advice on a class that's not rooted to the spot while it fights would be appreciated!
If you're looking for a class that's more varied I'd suggest giving shaman, Druid, or paladin a try. Each of them have at least one specialization each for melee dps or tank, ranged dps, and healer type. Since you can dual specialize, you'll be able to easily switch between two of three styles whenever you get bored of one.
I'd suggest trying a variety of characters and leveling them up to 20. It really doesn't take that long, and you'll be able to get a sense of how each plays.
i think an elemental shaman would be good for u. if u get a glyph called "unleashed lightning" i believe, it allows you to cast lightning bolt (technicly ur fireball as a mage) while moving and most of their spells cast pretty fast. i got mine up to lvl 67 and im loving it.

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