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Post is up. I was kind of tired when I wrote it, and I think it reflects that but I'm to lazy to go back and polish it anymore, so meh.

Careful how much liberty you take with Kreska's actions, Mara. I know I purposefully left the door open for someone on setting my arm, but she's not the type to take help from an Ally and like it. :P


My next post should bring Ruk to the present. I do have one question: Is the wreckage located outside the gates of Grim Batol or is it inside or elsewhere?

Well, while Kreska won't really keep Ruk in check, at least I know he'll have someone to side with and divert his attention from the Alliance races. Win?
Kreska would be glad to have anyone around who is not an elf or Alliance at this point, but another orc is pure win. I don't think either of them are too keen on working with the Allies, so it could be... interesting watching them interact.

About as interesting as fire and gasoline. :P
Ah, gawd! Meeps! Get some water buckets over here NAO!
Hey Ith, just one thing. Ein is human. Also, no longer part of the Ebon Blade.

Edit: alright, make that two things.
The wreckage is not near Grim Batol, just somewhere random in the highlands. I pictured it somewhere within sight of Highbank, but I also screwed with the geography as much as the plot.

Edit: I'm drunk, not going to try and post, I will post tomorrow. Maybe.
Ah, gawd! Meeps! Get some water buckets over here NAO!

Water would make it worse though <.<


I'm working on a mini plot for waraila so it'll be a while before I get a post up.... that plus dailies... (finally hits revered with GL... ./dies as it unlocks MORE dailies)
Hmmm whatever happened to Ashok?
He quit, I believe.
10/13/2012 08:46 AMPosted by Dristis
He quit, I believe.

Bah what a jerk. Well now someone else has to help Lyn out with shrapnel... I dont even know what to do with my last post.
I can do something about it. Once I get back from getting some stuff from Walmart.

Shrapnel is in your back? And how much?
i will if know one else does
Kreska had better know since no one else is helping she should take any help offered. I am kind of peeved as Ashok myself. He always does this. I am not even going to try and fix my post I had about him. Lynara you can just have it as Mara came and helped you if you want since Kreska will likely !@#$% at Mara for being helpful.

I did offer to bring in a healer, still can if you want me to Meep. I have several I can use. If you don't mind a random priest just happen to come upon them. And yes I have Horde healers.
Several smaller pieces in her back along with a rather long one in her leg. The one in her leg is rather deep and will probably take a few tugs to get all the way out.
Ok so i posted taking out the tight piece, and attempting to cauterizing it. I also reused your dialogue with ashok. If you dont like anything in there i can edit it, and if you do like it i can remove the pieces from your back after i return from football.

My next post should bring Ruk to the present. I do have one question: Is the wreckage located outside the gates of Grim Batol or is it inside or elsewhere?

As I was writing I encountered that same question, so I tried to be somewhat vague. I was flying all around the Highlands last night to get a feel for the area and realized there's a TON of trees. Sooo I tried to be somewhat ambiguous with my post.
OOps will have to go back and edit Jera, you must have been posting as I was! Anyway, I edited as Mara moved off to search for survivors. Was going to have her looking for Valdemir, but did not see him come up to the rest of us. It's all good.

I will be checking later and if Meep wants me to send in a healer I can do that. I can even be a stray healer who happened to be with Jesterdeeds character if he doesn't mind.
Actually I honestly brought them along for the sake of anybody who needs one to snatch one up after my next post - which won't be until this evening I'm afraid, I've got a blog to update...though I keep finding every excuse in the book to wander around my house.

There are five healers following Adam, and (if things pan out how I'm hoping) after he talks with Vimmi he'll order them to just go to Grim Batol without him while he tags along with you guys >.> I'm sure he'll see a greater chance at dying if he tags along with a group wanted by both sides.
The 'shimmer in the shadow' is in regards to Sammuroth.

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