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Alistair died in Northrend after during a mission to Icecrown. In an even more surprising turn of cruelty, it was suicide. He had gone against the very purpose he had set for himself in the first place, only because he was forced too.

His team was apart of a strike force to blockade one of the passageways so the Alliance forces could not be flanked. They were overwhelmed, and in turn, every one of them had been killed. In a final act of defiance, Alistair his belt with the dynamite he had been given to accomplish his task. As the scourge approached his broken body, he lit the fuse.

The ensuing explosion blew him in two, killing him instantly. Yet in the aftermath, it would become clear that it was not enough to accomplish his mission.

His sacrifice was worthless, and he would be mocked for it.

When the doors of the Frozen Throne were being broken down, a last ditch effort was made to defeat the Alliance forces. The pieces of Alistair's body were rejoined, and he was risen into service by the Scourge. Instead of breaking him however, his mind was taken by force by foul magic. He was forced to fight against those he had considered his allies mere hours beforehand.

When the Lich King fell, Alistair was freed. However the connection that was forced upon him was severed, only causing more damage and corrupting his mind further.

Alistair fled the battlefield. He was presumed dead by the Alliance military until the Cataclysm.

However to Alistair, he is dead. Everything he ever had was taken from him. The only purpose in his life, one that he had fought so hard to maintain, was willingly given up. Yet, he was not allowed to die. Instead he was dragged back, and chained into the world he despised as nothing more than a machine fitted to do its bidding.

Alistair holds no hope anymore. His mind is fracturing away every day due to the damage the Scourge did to him. Any afterlife stolen away after his soul had been ripped from it.

The only thing before him is a husk forever staring into the empty void.

Reason: Alistair was one of the first members of the Borean Patrol, and has stuck with them through everything. The only thing he wishes to find with them is a purpose. Some shred of light to cling to in his final days.


I'll be signing up with my one other character a little bit later. For now, just wanted to get this out of the way.
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Edit: Just a note Dristin... you've only been with the patrol 2-3 weeks at most, as long as they've been in the Twilight Highlands. We can assume you signed up as soon as they got here.

Got it. I'll edit my stuff.
Name: Valdemir “”Firebrand” (Last Name is Bolden, not many know it for he does not speak of it)

Race: Human, Gilnean

Gender: Male

Class: Mage

Affiliation: Alliance

Appearance: Physical Description: Valdemir stands at 6'2" and weighs 200lbs. He is more physically imposing then most mages and isn’t afraid to get his hands Dirty doing manual labor. He has ocean blue eyes, and keeps his sandy blonde hair cropped short. Valdemir is not a young man at 52, but he is still able to give the younger generations a run for their money in physical endurance

Equipment: Valdemir dresses quite simply. He wears a faded light brown robe that fits loosely over his large frame. Over his robe he wears an elaborate but quite faded tabard of Gilneas. Valdemir only carrier one weapons with him, his short blade, The weapon he is able to infuse the blade with the arcane to make his striking more effective.

Skills: Valdemir is in adept magi, he can also wield a blade relatively well.

History: Valdemir was born into Gilneas as Valdemir Bolden, the son of a minor nobleman. While he was too young to serve in the second war, he still joined the army as a non-combatant apprentice. Joining up with a contingent of Kirin Tor mages, Valdemir served as a page cleaning, serving the magi to the best of his abilities, and learning from them. One of the elder battle mages saw promise in Valdemir under and took him under his wing and taught him the art of spell crafting. Serving out the duration of the war as the man’s pupil, Valdemir returned to Gilneas with the other veterans, a Magi and among other things a strong supporter of the alliance of Lordaeron.

When Graymane proposed closing off Gilneas from the rest of their allies, Valdemir was furious. He was even more outraged when he learned of his father’s support of the proposal. Disgarding his family name, Valdemir left Gilneas behind with a number of likeminded veterans and sought out their allies in an attempt to stem the tide of the undead that was washing over the nations they had spent years protecting. Joining up with the remnant of the alliance army under Garithos, Valdemir fought with the other brave sons of Lordaeron against the endless streams of undead. Still a young man he was officially given command of the Gilnean's by Garithos. Earning their fealty and trust the men gave him the title of firebrand by his men due to his zealotry and mastery at slaying the undead. After the betrayal of Sylvanas, Valdemir took the remnants of his men and fought his way south to the reemerging kingdom of Stromwind.

Years past and Valdemir served the crown of Stormwind loyally. When the portal to outland opened Valdemir valorously fought against the demons of outland. When the call came to fight in Northend Valdemir joined Dalaran in the fight against the blue dragon flight, the scourge and the old gods. When the war ended, and Darlan refused to rejoin the alliance, Valdemir left the cowards behind and rejoined the alliance. He now searches for relics and artifacts of power which he can use to defeat the forsaken in Gilneas and the continent of Lordaeron, forsaken whom he sees as a continuation of the undead threat he fought in his youth.

Reason: Valdemir Bolden is above all else a pragmatist. He hate the forsaken, and by extension the horde, with a burning passion. However he understands the threat of the twilight hammer poses to the world, and realizes that fighting against the horde will not defeat them. Seeking out the patrol in The highlands, Valdemir desires to defeat the Twilight Hammer, so he can continue his quest to free his homeland from the threat of the forsaken and the horde.
Name: Sammuroth Stormfury

Race: Night Elf

Gender: Male

Class/es:Druid (Feral)

Affiliation: Cenarion Circle/ Pure Neutral

Appearance: Stuck in his feline form Sammuroth stands at 3' 6", with white fur and amber eyes.

Equipment: Magical anklets that increase the power and duration of his Barkskin spell

Skills: Scout, Strategis, and Fighter

History: Born 100 years before the War of the Ancients, into a Highborne family of mages. Disliking the arcane he took up the sword, when Azshara unleashed the Burning Legion onto Azeroth, his family was ordered to help keep the portal stable. Not wanting his family to fall deeper into corruption than they already had, he killed them before fleeing Zin'Azshari. He did however try and save his older sister Moriana, but she did what he couldn't and took her own life. During the war he fought against a demon called Uk'thok, seeing the same anger and hatred in the young warrior that gave him his power, the demon placed a curse on Sammuroth, depositing his soul along with the curse.

After the war and the exile of the Highborne Sam took up the druidic arts, which was where his curse made itself apparent. When he finally accomplished the feline animal transformation, the curse caused him to remain in that form, being activated by the natural feral rage, that came with the transformation. After the Third War and the fall of the World Tree, Sammuroth has spent his time helping those in need of both factions, being a member of the Cenarion Circle, he is tolerated in most Horde settlements. He has also been searchiing for a way to remove his curse.

Reason: In the Twilight Highlands, as a representative of the Cenarion Circle, and to help in the fight against Deathwing

edit: If you don't want Sam for whatever reason I have a DK I will throw a sign-up for, but I will wait on your decision with Sam first:P
Name: Ashok "The Black Rider" Longshadow

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/es: Warrior, Ex-Paladin
Affiliation: Ex-Alliance Military, Neutral

Appearance: Ashok stands at 6' 2" weighing in at around 250 lbs. He is a bit of a larger man having built up lots of muscle and strength from wearing plate mail and battling with large two-handed weapons. He has a collection of scars, the most notable running down the right side of his face from temple to jawline (Slightly jagged giving it the perception that it was from a claw). Ashok also has three notable tattoos, one on his left forearm which reads "Soldiers live and wonder why." The next one is on his left bicep/shoulder and is the crest of the Alliance Military with his rank inscribed underneath it "Knight-Captain." The third and final tattoo is on his back, on the shoulderplade and is a skull that is missing its lower jaw, its incisors sharpened to fangs and held within the grasp of an iron gauntlet.

Ashok is a tanned man spending most of his time outdoors giving him a good coloring. He has charcoal black eyes with raven black hair to match it. He is normally cleanly shaven but recently has let stubble start to grow upon his face giving him a slightly rugged look.

Equipment: Ashok wears a hybrid plate mail of elementium and saronite the armor colored black to fit his tastes. The armor itself is a simple design, a few spikes to give him some extra weapons but nothing out of the ordinary. The armor however now is decorated with skulls and a few chains, courtesy of the mercenary troop that Ashok had ran with after he left the Alliance.

Ashok's helm is where the creativity comes into play, the point is to give the wearer the look, or percieved look of a wolf, the helm encases the wearer's head and leaves eye slots that provide a decent amount of peripherial vision albeit it still is not as good as leaving the helm off which he is known to do.

Ashok's weapon of choice is his hand and a half longsword (two-handed sword) which he named Ragnarok. The blade is forged out of several different metals, the core being composed of Titansteel to give it strength with some flexibility and then encased with a layer of Elementium followed by a thinner layer of Saronite. The blade has two colors, a red inner color that almost seems to glow and an outer color of charcoal black. Its design looks like that of the Relentless Gladiator's Longsword.

Outside of his weapon and armor Ashok keeps his pack light, carrying tobacco a flask of Dwarven Stout, his pipe, a small repair kit, first aid kit and a harmonica to help pass the dead time.

Skills: Ashok is a talented warrior, having been an officer in the Alliance military he was a strong field commander and knew how to organize a small force to fight well together. His greatest strength however lies in his unquestioning loyalty to those he fights with. He is also talented in close quarter combat having been trained as a paladin he understands and fights well when dealing with someone in his face. He's your standard warrior type able to pack a punch and distract enemies from the more dangerous targets (Not to say he isn't dangerous ^.^)

History: Can't fit it all QQ.

Reason: Is a mercenary without a company and is looking for some new work.
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Okay, so Gaream, just before I completely accept you, are you going to play nice with the other boys and girls? :P This is essentially a cooperative thread, I fully intend to allow distrust and hatred to take place ICly, but I don't want this to turn into a PvPfest, it is not a PvP thread. So, your character's not going to have any issues with trying to kill all of us or anything is he?

lol, don't worry, I won't be going on a killing spree in this thread. Gaream is netural about most races. The only people he really hates are humans, but he is able to icnore them for the most part in the event of a massive threat such as was outlined in the op.
Sup, undead asskicking alcoholic, reporting for duty as ordered!

Name: Ex-Sergeant Lowmaine “Low” McCormack
Race: Forsaken
Gender: Female
Class/es: Warrior/Berserker/Alcoholic
Affiliation: Freelancer; Borean Patrol

Appearance: Appearance: Lowmaine is of average height and decently broad shouldered from her time in military service, standing at 5'6''. Since her recent reanimation from the dead her skin has lost it's tanned tone and gained a more pallid and white hue. Also, thanks to what killed her, her skin's charred in more places than should be known at this point; while logically she should be nothing more than a skeleton now due to it being almost lit entirely ablaze, Virella's necromantic magics (combined with prior exposure to it amplifying the effect) has sort of “preserved” her form to its current state. Her dreadlocked hair is now half-gone, and is instead a shock of dark hair creasing back on her scalp and nearly frozen solid upright. Her eyes are now a glowing yellow where before there was milky gray, but on her face (in spite of some added fire damage), her mouth is still curled into a nearly permanent smirk, enhanced by the nearly horizontal scars on each side of it.

In terms of bodily damage, her left arm is charred nearly to the bone at the elbow, as well as her left knee, but most of her body otherwise remains (somewhat, in this regard) unharmed.

Equipment: Lowmaine's new armor is a darkened color, thanks primarily to the obsidium and elementium present in its creation, but it as of yet has not had time to be painted to her prior set's colors (which is still, unfortunately, laying at rest in a cavern beneath the ocean). In addition to a host of engineering gadgets including her new pride and joy (Turle's chainsword), she has a Tazik Shocker embedded in her right gauntlet, which also allows it to serve as a decent bludgeoning tool. In addition to her engineered gadgets, she carries a what looks to be nearly a tower shield made up of solid rock that she hefts around as if it's the lightest thing on the planet, as well as her other two “normal” swords, Charlene and Lucille. And with all of this, she still carries a flask of booze and a pouch of tobacco with her.

Skills: Armed combat, drinking, engineering, shield-based combat, and drinking.

History: Lowmaine was the middle child of three to a farmer and his wife in Lordaeron before the Plague of Undeath hit and wiped out the lands she called home for decades before. Nearing the age of twenty, the Plague first began to spread around the county she lived in and infected first her mother, then father, and finally her youngest sibling, her brother. Before she and her older sister could move their brother from the farm to a safe place, her parents turned and arose as undead enthralled to the Lich King...and Lowmaine did the best thing she thought she could have done by locking them in a barn to give her some time.

Soon after, her parents corpses found a way to break out and mauled her sister and tried to kill her as well before she put them at rest with a pitchfork. She took her brother and fled to a neighboring farmstead, only discovering that not only had someone in the neighboring family been infected, but they'd in turn eaten the rest of the family. Her brother would pass on soon afterward, and Lowmaine, knowing full well what fate was in store for him, put him out of his misery herself in Lake Lordaemere.

Months later she was found by Stormwind deputies in Elwynn Forest, having been arrested for stealing horses from farms neighboring Goldshire, and other supplies from Goldshire itself like food or water and in turn was thrown into the Stockades to serve out her sentence. After rotting in the Stockades for about a week, she was given a choice by her warden, whom honestly cared little for her existence: she could either stay in the Stockades and suffer at the hands of the Defias present, or she could join the Stormwind Army and serve out the rest of her sentence in a penal battalion, serving King and the Alliance. She chose the second option, figuring that they would never send her to actual combat.

After nearly two active tours of duty, she found a way to get out of military life and went AWOL, settling down in a nice, small apartment in Stormwind City, right under the noses of those whom were still looking for her in the City Guard. After about a year of failed relationships, failed prospects, gambling debt and sleepless nights filled with dreams of death and mayhem, she realized she couldn't live without the thrill of war in her life anymore, or she might very well go isane. Around this time she was also discovered by the City Guard and in turn was turned back over to the warden whom had discharged her, and she was presented with yet another deal. She would complete small “oddjobs” for people whom the warden was contacted by, and in turn he would make sure she could live a somewhat comfortable lifestyle without having to worry about being thrown in jail once more. While she initialy refused, she quickly realized that it was either this or constantly be trapped in a city she hated living in, so she took the opportunity. Also, it would help get the Blackwater Raiders, whom she'd racked up a sizable debt with, off her back.

Since then she was loaned out for a multitude of missions, including one with the famed Borean Patrol. After tagging along with them in the Barrens, to the depths of the ocean and back and even into the Maelstrom and into the Realm of the Earth, Lowmaine finally found her peaceful rest in death...or so she thought. Having been risen by the Blood Witch Virella, she returns from beyond the grave to see her task through to the end...and maybe get a little payback from Warden Stawson when the dust settles and the smoke clears.

Reason: Lowmaine is here because she's been with the Borean Patrol since the Barrens, and at this point it could be very easily insinuated that Lowmaine owes Virella her life not once, but twice over. Being given another chance to fight and live, she stays with the Patrol to make good on that investment in her skills...

Name: The Einherjar

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Death Knight

Affiliation: Neutral: he left the Knights of the Ebon Blade along with many other former members after the apparent demise of the Lich King.

Appearance: The Einherjar towers at 6 feet 7 inches, and his armor only increases the height. He is thickly muscled to the point where he resembles a mountain of flesh as much as a man. His eyes have the typical ice blue glow of Death Knights. He has no facial hair, very short black hair, and pale grey skin. His face is angular and harsh, looking as though it was hewn from granite. He is never seen without his armor on, and only rarely does he take his helmet off. If his eyes ever stopped giving off the blue mist so common to death knights, one could see that his whole eyes are ice-blue, save for a small red corona around the pupil.

Equipment: Ein's armor is a gleaming dark blue-grey with a loricated chestplate. Skulls adorn his belt, gauntlets, and kneeplates, giving off the same glowing blue mist of his eyes. His shoulders have the appearance of being massive horned skulls, as does his helmet. (I'm trying to describe Conqueror's Darkruned Battlegear, not really sure how I'm doing.) Ein wields the massive two-handed sword named Abaddon.

Skills: Ein is, quite simply, an unstoppable juggernaut. Once he picks a target, he will use his tireless strength to keep hammering away until his victim succumbs. Being undead, he feels no pain, will never get tired, and is immune to non-acidic poison. The only way to stop him is to destroy his body. Or bury him under a couple hundred feet of earth: you know, whichever one is easiest.

History: One of the Death Knights of Acherus, Ein remembers nothing prior to his death and “rebirth”. He was one of the Lich Kings most loyal and zealous followers before the Battle of Light’s Hope Chapel. Afterwards, he was devastated: the being he would have done anything for would have sacrificed his most loyal followers for the sake of a clever little stratagem that didn’t even work in the end. It was, for the Einherjar, utterly world-shattering. Afterwards, he became one of the Lich King’s most dedicated and implacable enemies, existing solely for the purpose of bringing about his downfall. He was in the vanguard of the Ebon Blade’s assault on Icecrown Citadel. Tragically –from his perspective, at least— the Lich King “died” by the hand of Tirion, rather than Ein's.

After the war, Ein joined up with the Borean Patrol for a time, since he had nothing better to do. Ein vanished for a time after the hard-fought battle of Deepholm, heading to parts unknown. When he came back, he had left behind his old set of armor and weaponry, and had acquired a newer set from somewhere.

Reason: Ein is working towards his own goals, and right now the Borean Patrol aligns the most with those goals.
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Name: Kreska Redworg
Race: Orc
Gender: Female
Class: Shaman
Affiliation: Horde/Earthen Ring

Appearance: Kreska is 6’6” and powerfully built with broad, muscular shoulders. Her head is clean shaven except for a single black lock that hangs down her back, to her knees, in a thick braid. Her skin is a dark olive green and her eyes are light brown.

Equipment: When facing battle she prefers to wear a snug-fitting leather vest that leaves her arms bare and allows for a greater range of motion. Her pants are leather as well, but reinforced with chain mail that fits over the outside of them. She always goes barefoot except in the most extreme cold. Kreska dual wields two large, wickedly spiked maces.

Skills: When she was younger and more reluctant in her training, her tutors tried to steer her down the path of healer. As she grew older though and what natural talent she had with the elements waned from neglect, they relented and allowed her to follow her own path. She blossomed under this new training regimen and became a ferocious front line fighter, weaving elemental spells and powers seamlessly in with her own martial skill.

History: Kreska was born in an internment camp and was still a small child when Thrall freed the Orcs and sailed to Kalimdor. Her parents, both of whom were peons, were sent north with the Warsong clan to harvest the lumber of Ashenvale Forest. She will never forget the attacks of the Night Elves or the terror she felt hiding with her parents in the lumber camp, cowering as Cenarius tore through the orcish defenders. Though she is distrustful at best toward all Alliance races, nothing compares to the borderline-fanatical hatred she harbors for the Kaldorei. Almost as frightening as the elves were the Warsong warriors themselves, after drinking the demonic blood. Seeing first-hand what it did to the proud orcish warriors, Kreska knew at a young age that the Burning Legion was nothing but evil. After Grom Hellscream slew Mannoroth and freed the orcs once again, she began to idolize him and, by extension, almost all warriors. Unlike her timid parents, she aspired to do greater things with her life than toil away in a mine or lumber camp. Though she still holds great respect for Thrall and most other shaman, she spent the entirety of her young life training to become a warrior. It was her sole dream and she honed her skills with the axe and bow for years, determined to pass her trial when she came of age. Unfortunately, the spirits had other plans for her.

After the founding of Orgrimmar, Kreska’s family moved to Durotar and began operating a small hog farm. Shortly before her coming of age trial, she accidentally let it slip to her parents that she heard voices. She had, in fact, hidden the secret for over a year. Fearing some sort of insanity or demonic taint, her frightened parents quickly took her before the local shaman, who forced her to tell him in detail what she heard. She described for him the gentle whispers carried on the wind, the murmured words in running water, the quiet hissing sounds of a campfire, and the rumbling muttered phrases of the earth. After that first conversation, he became convinced that she was being called by the spirits and insisted she forgo her warrior trial and start down the path of shaman. Her parents were thrilled, she was horrified. After hours of arguments and an incredible amount of parental and social pressure, she grudgingly agreed to try her hand at shamanism. She found success, but, to her teachers’ great frustration, it is too often limited by her own unwillingness and stubborn pride.

Kreska eagerly left for Outland with the opening of the Dark Portal, intent on obliterating the Burning Legion and reclaiming her ancestors’ home world for the Orcs. What she found was a shattered world, all but destroyed by actions of her own race. The elements themselves rejected her, too wounded and angry to head her calls. Faced with her peoples’ shame, she bent all of her will on restoring balance to Outland and regaining the trust of the Spirits. She remained there for several years, mostly in Shadowmoon Valley and making occasional journeys to Nagrand.

It was on one of these trips that she heard of Thrall joining the Earthen Ring and relinquishing leadership of the Horde to Garrosh Hellscream, the son of her most idolized hero. While she still had the deepest respect for Thrall for everything he had done for the Orcish race, she was keenly interested in how the Horde would change with the son of mighty Grom at the reigns.

She returned to Azeroth, only slightly more tempered with age, and has begun to rekindle her ties with the Earthen Ring. She later joined the reformed Borean Patrol (see other thread) and was impressed with their work in Deepholm.

Reason: Surviving member of the Borean Patrol.
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Name: Cenerae Arienne Dawnrunner

Race: Undead High elf

Gender: Female

Class/es: Dark ranger

Appearance: Once, Cenerae might have been termed 'cute', in a half-flattering half-condescending manner. Hints of that remain, but deathly pale skin, glowing red eyes, and a hollow-sounding voice generally discourage further interest. Her face also looks like it's been mauled by a bear, sporting numerous scars from what look to be bite and claw marks.

Cenerae tends to keep her hair braided in some manner or another, to keep it out of her face. She often appears distant or emotionless unless actually handling a task, though combat is the only time she truly appears 'alive'. There's always a quiet sense of pride about her, leading a lot of people to think she's antisocial - which suits her fine.

Equipment: Cenerae wears black mail armor and carries two red-tinted wavy bladed swords, one on either hip. Her longbow is of typical elven make, and is carried unstrung over one shoulder most of the time, with a quiver of black-fletched arrows strapped to her back.

Skills: Exceptionally skilled with a bow. Able to employ some limited necromantic and shadow magics given time. Fair in melee combat.

History: Cenerae Arienne Dawnrunner showed promise at an early age with the bow, earning a comission in the military of Quel'thalas when she was barely out of her teens. Much of her early service was spent skirmishing with the Amani trolls that perpetually tried to encroach on the High Elven territories, and during the Second War she was assigned to one of the units of marksmen sent to aid the Alliance forces.

Her world came crashing down when the Scourge attacked her homeland. Leading a small group of archers, under the command of Ranger-General Sylvanas, she did her best to deplete the massive army of undead through quick hit and run attacks as directed by the Ranger-General. It was all for nothing though, and despite fighting bravely, Cenerae was one of the first elves to fall when the gates of Silvermoon were destroyed, falling under a mass of mindless ghouls.

Death wasn't the end for her, as the death knight Arthas raised her spirit as a banshee, and forced her to assist in levelling her homeland. When Arthas' grip on his minions weakened, Cenerae's utter despair at her state of existence was enough to fuel her desire to break free from his control. Seeing no other option, she continued to follow Sylvanas, aiding the to-be Dark Lady in her battles against the Scourge and eventually reclaiming her own corpse from the smoking ruins of Silvermoon, in the same manner that Sylvanas had.

Action quelled despair, and Cenerae gladly spent the time needed to become re-aquainted with a mortal body - despite the initial stiffness with which her corpse responded - and re-honing her skills. Being dead added some new twists and tricks to being an archer, as well as some minor talent for necromancy, which the elf channelled through her arrows.

Service to the Dark Lady started to take a bitter turn once Arthas had been slain, as Sylvanas seemed to be taking a more and more callous approach toward life in general. Her soldiers in Gilneas were being treated as little more than fodder - after all, new ones could be raised from the corpses of the humans in Hillsbrad. Still in rejection of her undead state, Cenerae did not want to perish with the rest of the Forsaken. She resigned her post and sought out another banner to fight under. So far she's had no luck, but remains a part of the Horde's military to keep taking part in offensives. To keep herself from going mad.

Years of atrocities, and her own state have dulled the ranger's sense of morality. No longer does right and wrong really concern the elf, but merely how the act will be carried out. As long as there is something to be done, to stave off thinking about being dead, she will do whatever is required of her willingly - provided it's not a suicide mission.

Reason: Part of the Horde's offensive push into the Highlands.
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I have a roster at the end of my third post in this thread. I would like you all to check it, and correct me if my details about you are wrong. I have assumed anyone seeking to join the patrol does, and anyone who isn't as part of the Grim Batol Offensive. Remember, the tricky part of this thread is you are jumping into the story, during the climax. All of you, some of this story has already happened, unspoken. It is up to you, to cling to that in your minds.

Those who are seeking to join the patrol, you can assume being relatively familiar with its members (but do not assume their past actions). So, I hope this isn't too complex to grasp, and I hope it is fun.

Feel free, those in the Patrol, to tell me if you'd rather start outside of the patrol and join during the thread. I'll update the roster accordingly. :)

Just, remember... this thread is very short ICwise, it's non-stop, there is only -one- down period... don't plan for personal development on that level. This is going to be fast paced (ICly), and intense.
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